Hello Gamers! So, this week will be the lovely National Video Game Day, on July 8th. Time to celebrate everything amazing about video games, from classics like Pac-Man to glamorous shootouts of Call of Duty: For example, even though it was released years ago it has been updated for playing on new systems such as PS5 here we have Modern Warfare 2. Just as you are, we too at FiftyFive Tech are a team of devoted gamers if possible freaks. As a result multiplayer games unite people and allow you to pretend something and employ fascinating technologies. So, this National Video Game Day is a rallying cry for both all and sundry who would want to join in.



Hip Hop: Old School or New School? You Decide!


National Video Game Day is for the gamers of the world! Good enough for a gamer who probably has a house full of old game consoles, or for someone who every now and then, they enjoy a few slots on their phone. In any case, this day is dedicated to you!


Feeling a little nostalgic? Pull out whatever dusty Pac-Man arcade game you have, or turn on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Yea, those blocky characters and the games that came with mere cubes are enjoyable up to this date.


If high-definition textures and the cutting edge of game design interest you, check out the worlds that have been developed by today’s game designers. Fight in the intense battles of Call of Duty: Critically acclaimed first-person shooter, Modern Warfare 2 on the PS5, go for the free roaming epic RPG experience. In short, no matter what types of games interest you or the devices you use to play games, there’s a game for you.



Are you willing to create your own game?


It is also an optimum occasion for kids and grown-ups to begin making their own video game, all thanks to National Video Game Day. It is now not very difficult to learn how to design games. Today, there are numerous resources and services that you can find on the Internet to bring your concepts into existence.

Here’s how to get started making your own game:Here’s how to get started making your own game:



Learn about game engines:


Some of these are Unity and Unreal Engine and both of these have very powerful tools to create games.


Level up your skills: Join a tutorial or watch a video which can give the basic understanding of the principles of game design and programming or the art of creating a story for the game.


Find your team: Search on the internet for other people who wish to initiate making of games as well. It can be a very creative way of brainstorming ideas with each other, exchanging ideas or even maybe developing a game.


FiftyFive Tech: Gaming is one of the most popular activities that people indulge in whether for leisure or a way to pass the time.


At FiftyFive Tech, what we enjoy is giving something that for you to have a perfect gaming experience with. Whether you’re a pro game maker or a casual player, we’ve got something for you.


Show off your best moments (and funny fails): Feeling like you want to show your gameplay to the world, yeah, the entire world? We offer Elgato capture cards that enable you to capture your win (and the blunders) in spectacular definition.


Upgrade your game: And if you need a new controller or a headset for the game to play even better, then it is also here with you. We have quality equipment to ensure that you have the best gaming as you enjoy with our products.



Where Is Your Gaming Love?


As you know, today is National Video Game Day So to mark the occasion, We’re having a funicular contest here!!! Share in the comments below your favorite video game memory, or the game that you are most looking forward to playing.


Some of the works you should look forward to are going to feature the greatest ideas you could ever imagine and be eligible for fabulous prizes such as gift certificates to help you purchase more great games at FiftyFive Tech.



Live Q&A: Question of the Week/Send us your questions!


Please follow us on social media, and you can be part of the live Q&A session later today! The gaming specialists are willing to clear any questions regarding video games, how are games made, or the latest in technology.


Well, that does it for this list of activities to do on National Video Game Day so get your controllers, start up your consoles and happy National Video Game Day! Speaking of Games. ..


If you are not aware FiftyFive Tech also designs games for others as well as develop games of our own. Play “Riftrider”, an amazing VR adventure game or “Battlefield Battlefield Showdown: The ultimate battle of cyborgs on a video game.


The action-packed world of Battlefield Showdown, where you fight against enemy cyborgs in different islands. Each level has new challenges, including waves of enemies and strategic boss battles that require smart tactics and precision.



Game Mechanics


Move through dangerous landscapes with the screen joystick. When standing still, your character automatically targets and shoots at the nearest enemy. You can hide in bushes to become invisible and surprise your enemies.



Leveling Up and XP System


Collect bullet shells from defeated enemies to gain XP. Level up to gain access to two abilities like quicker attacks, electric bullets or force fields that will give an upper hand in tactics.



Level Mechanics


Go through unique levels with wave-based enemies. Destroy bunkers for loot as well as face mini-bosses and bosses. Triumph unlocks the next level which pushes skills over limit.


Battlefield Showdown brings together strategy, action, and thrill for an unforgettable gaming experience.


Showdown” a phone strategy game that is really fast! May you enjoy them!


Well, that about wraps it up here. We hope we’ve sufficiently pumped you up for video games. Hey guys and girls, today is National Video Game Day and as you can all see I am really happy. It would be great to look closer at the enjoyable part of gaming!


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