“No Meeting Wednesdays- A work life balance booster”

FiftyFive Technologies is all set to give a destress booster-”No meeting on every Wednesdays”. The intent of rolling out this initiative is to rescue our FiftyFive Tech Family from getting swamped by the excessive internal meetings. We believe that our members have monkeys on their backs and are loaded with enormous amount of work, along with that the excessive calls are taking a toll on their work-life balance. The purpose of No internal meetings on wednesdays will boost the productivity.

Appreciation board

We at FiftyFive Technologies appreciate Sahil Gulati & Sushma Goswami for being fervent and passionate in delivering exceptional performance by effectively capturing the voice of our New client which is an Uppsala based Company which develops Customer experience systems located in Sweden.

Learning Board

To construct the brick wall, we keep organizing our learning sessions on the latest trends. The topic for the month was particularly based on trendy technologies on Solid.js and Redis.

“ We aspire to take learning to the next level ”

At FiftyFive Technologies we believe that Knowledge and Wisdom are the important aspects of the learning process. We organize learning sessions periodically. The January’s learning session was conducted by Bhavesh Agarwal & Ankita Yadav on Solid.Js to keep our members abreast of the latest happenings.

“Work Anniversary Celebrations”

FiftyFive Technologies wishes Shivani, Kunj and Sonali a very Happy Work Anniversary. We highly appreciate your invaluable contribution to us. Looking forward to achieving greater milestones with you.