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Transformed an interactive event platform by integrating Web3 technologies, expanding blockchain support, and enhancing user engagement through token gating and NFT features.

The story

The client, a leader in creating interactive and immersive experiences for live events and broadcasts, wanted to leverage Web3 technologies to enhance user engagement on their platform. Their objectives included expanding backend capabilities, integrating new blockchain networks, and incorporating Web3-powered features such as token gating, NFT minting, and airdropping tokens to user wallets.

The challenge

The project had some tough problems to solve. First, integrating Web3 technologies like blockchain networks, token gating, and NFT minting into client’s existing platform presented complex technical hurdles. Second, ensuring the platform’s scalability to accommodate heightened user engagement and interactions was of paramount importance. Third, addressing security concerns, including profile verification and anti-money laundering measures, was vital for compliance and safeguarding users. The team also faced the challenge of maintaining a smooth and user-friendly experience while introducing new features to the platform. Lastly, guaranteeing that these enhancements were accessible across all supported client SDKs (Android, iOS, and Web) demanded meticulous development and rigorous

The solution

Our team of seasoned software developers partnered with the client to effectively tackle their challenges and bring their vision to life. Their strategic solutions encompassed a wide array of enhancements, including the expansion of their blockchain network support to encompass Polygon, Chiliz Chain (CC2), and Hedera Network alongside Ethereum, They also refined their token-gating functionalities, introducing new configurable options to offer users greater flexibility. Furthermore, we enriched their platform with advanced features such as profile verification, seamless 3rd party integration, and white-labeling capabilities tailored for casinos.


In an effort to create a more interactive user experience, we integrated token gating with engaging features like polls, quizzes, and quests. Recognizing the growing significance of NFTs, we introduced support for metadata and enabled one-of-many NFT minting across multiple networks. Additionally, we streamlined token distribution with the development of a token airdrop workflow for bulk minting and distribution. To ensure accessibility across various devices, these enhancements were seamlessly integrated into Android, iOS, and Web platforms, solidifying LiveLike’s commitment to delivering a dynamic and inclusive user experience.


The outcome

The project achieved its goals by delivering the desired features and capabilities to the client’s platform. These accomplishments encompassed expanded support for multiple blockchain networks, thereby increasing user accessibility. Additionally, the integration of token gating and NFT features significantly improved user engagement during live events. Robust security measures, including profile verification and anti-money laundering protocols, were successfully implemented to fortify the platform’s security and compliance. Furthermore, these new capabilities are seamlessly integrated into Android, iOS, and Web platforms, ensuring cross-platform compatibility. The client expressed high satisfaction with the project’s progress, echoing positive feedback from stakeholders. By applying Web3 technologies and enhancing its platform, the client has revolutionized the way users interact with live events, offering a more interactive and immersive experience to their audience.


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