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Successfully delivered an Admin Portal, Real-time Dashboard, Reporting Module, Chat Application, and FAQ Module, facilitating diverse functionalities such as user management, agent performance visualization, reporting, communication, and FAQ access.

The story

The client is located in Sweden, who took on a mission to revolutionize its customer service department through a Contact center as a service solution. Founded in 2008, the client aimed to create a smarter customer service platform to enhance the overall customer experience.

The challenge

The client faced several challenges in achieving its goal, including the need for real-time monitoring of performance, the introduction of analytical dashboards for insights, efficient organization management, and a system for rating performance. They also required a robust backend, a responsive user interface, and an optimized queuing system to maximize efficiency.

The solution

To overcome these challenges, a dedicated team of software developers led the charge, with the lead developer assuming the additional role of project manager. The implemented solutions encompassed the development of a versatile Admin Portal capable of handling diverse functions, including user management, notifications, businesses, and B2B purchases. Additionally, a real-time dashboard was created to visually represent agent activities, ensuring efficient monitoring. To facilitate data-driven decision-making, a robust reporting module was introduced, enabling the generation of comprehensive agent reports on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Furthermore, a chat application was implemented, likely to streamline communication, both internally and with external clients. Lastly, an FAQ module was introduced, serving as a valuable resource for both internal and external stakeholders, offering answers to frequently asked questions. These solutions collectively enhanced operational efficiency and communication within the system.

Leveraging a state-of-the-art technology stack featuring Node.js for the backend and React.js for the frontend, alongside RabbitMQ for queuing and AWS for automated deployment via an Ansible pipeline, we crafted a dynamic, user-friendly customer service platform. Moreover, we made the waiting system work better, making sure service requests are handled efficiently, with fewer delays, to be as efficient as possible.

The outcome

The solutions implemented by us resulted in the achievement of the client’s objectives. The smart customer service system and enhanced customer experiences were realized. The system successfully mitigated queuing system issues, streamlining workflows, reducing processing and response times, and enabling faster service through load balancing and parallel processing techniques. The real-time dashboards played a crucial role in maximizing customer support efficiency and productivity, allowing responses to more than 85% of calls promptly. The client’s journey exemplifies the impact of innovative technology solutions in transforming customer service operations.


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