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We addressed the challenge by creating Dockerfiles, implementing multi-stage pipelines in Azure DevOps, setting up Kubernetes deployment with manifests, configuring infrastructure using Helm, establishing path-based routing in Ingress, scheduling daily jobs, and enabling traffic monitoring on the application gateway.

The story

A Sweden-based customer approached us with a challenge. They needed a portal to sell spare parts. Our team of DevOps Engineers was tasked with building and deploying this portal efficiently.

The challenge

Our challenge was to create a customer portal for the client, which required us to set up a seamless infrastructure for deploying the portal, handling daily jobs, and ensuring traffic monitoring. This required expertise in various technologies and tools.

The solution

To overcome the challenge, we took several key steps. First, we developed Dockerfiles and Docker-Compose files for both the Frontend and Backend components of the portal, simplifying the application’s containerization. Next, we leveraged Azure DevOps to establish multi-stage pipelines, streamlining the development and deployment workflow. In Kubernetes, we created manifests for deployment, service, and Ingress to ensure efficient management within the cluster.


Additionally, we set up the environment by configuring Postgresql, Application Gateway Ingress Controller (AGIC), and Cert-manager using Helm through Azure DevOps pipelines. Path-based routing in Ingress was employed to direct incoming traffic to the relevant services. Scheduled jobs were implemented to automate daily tasks on the Kubernetes cluster, ensuring essential operations were performed consistently. Finally, we implemented traffic monitoring on the application gateway to effectively track user activity.


Our solution was built using React.js, Terraform, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, Helm, AGIC (Application Gateway Ingress Controller), Ingress Controller, and Cert-manager.

The outcome

The result of our efforts was a fully functional customer portal for the client. Our solution streamlined the development and deployment process, providing an efficient, containerized infrastructure. With path-based routing and daily job automation, the portal operates smoothly. Additionally, traffic monitoring on the application gateway allows for effective oversight of user interactions.


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