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The solution encompasses an app, which enables agents to log in, track their location, and access a dashboard with options for generating invite links, managing chat groups, and listing offers; and an app for Consumer, where consumers can connect with agents via invite links or the consumer app, with features for viewing special offers, managing chat groups, and exploring agent listings.

The story

The client holds a rapidly emerging global one-stop travel platform. It offers a comprehensive suite of travel products and services, along with unique travel content. This platform has become the go-to destination for travelers in India and worldwide, providing travel inspiration, cost-effective bookings, on-the-go support, and a space to share travel experiences.

The challenge

The travel industry faced a challenge where many people still relied on traditional travel agents to plan their trips. These agents lacked a platform to showcase their offers to consumers effectively. To address this issue, the client wanted to develop two applications: one for the Agents and another for the Consumer, to facilitate communication between travel agents and consumers.

The solution

The solution for travel agents within the platform provides a streamlined and user-friendly experience. Agents can easily access the system through a secure login and signup process, with the added convenience of the app tracking their current location. The dashboard presents a comprehensive set of tools: the “Home” section empowers agents with features like generating invite links to attract consumers, monitoring their registered consumer base, and creating enticing offers. The “Chat” functionality fosters smooth communication, displaying all chat groups initiated by both agents and consumers. Furthermore, the “Offers” section offers a centralized repository listing all the compelling offers generated by the agent, allowing them to provide detailed information to potential travelers at their fingertips.


The solution offers consumers versatile ways to connect with travel agents. Firstly, they can utilize the “Invite Link” feature, where agents generate links enabling consumers to initiate a chat conveniently. Alternatively, through the consumer app, consumers can establish direct communication with agents by creating dedicated chat groups. Within this consumer-focused app, users benefit from a range of valuable options: the “Home Screen ” presents curated special offers recommended by their selected agent, enhancing their travel planning experience. The “Chat Screen” enables users to manage and monitor all their active chat groups with agents, ensuring efficient communication.


Additionally, the “Offers Screen” serves as a central hub displaying a comprehensive list of special offers provided by the agent, with the ability to access detailed information by clicking on a specific offer. Lastly, the “All Agents Screen” empowers consumers to explore and discover a diverse list of travel agents available in the extensive database, providing them with a wide array of choices for their travel needs.


The front-end of the application is built using Flutter and integrates Firebase services such as Firebase Realtime Database for real-time data synchronization, Firebase Dynamic Links for deep linking, Firebase Notifications for push notifications, and Firebase Authentication for user authentication. On the back-end, Node.js is employed, and it connects to Firebase Storage for file storage and Firestore for scalable NoSQL database capabilities.

The outcome

We successfully addressed the client’s challenge of connecting traditional travel agents with consumers through the Agent and Consumer apps. These applications facilitated seamless communication and allowed agents to showcase their offers effectively. Travelers gained access to a wide range of travel products and services through the app, available in multiple languages and currencies. This innovation brought convenience to both travel agents and consumers, enhancing the overall travel experience and promoting travel as a force for connecting people and doing good in society.


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