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We collaborated with the client to design a tailored software solution, including a new Android-based user interface, cross-platform mobile apps, and customizations, using a tech stack comprising C#, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, GetX, and a clean architecture with a single repository approach.

The story

Our client has a global company based in Sweden, specializing in creating energy-efficient indoor comfort solutions and heating systems. With a history spanning 70 years and a workforce of 17,000 employees, They sought to address a critical challenge faced by customers in cold climates – air ventilation. They recognized the need to develop a comprehensive solution to improve indoor air quality.

The challenge

In cold countries like Sweden, proper air ventilation is essential for maintaining comfort and health. The client, with its hardware manufacturing capabilities, needed to create a software solution that could enhance the performance of their ventilation systems. They turned to our experts for assistance in developing the required software.

The solution

Our solution involved close collaboration with the client to create a tailored software solution that precisely addressed their needs. This encompassed the development of a new user interface (HMI) on the Android OS, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, we crafted cross-platform mobile applications for both Android and iOS using a single code base, reducing maintenance overhead and resource demands. To ensure smooth integration with the client’s hardware systems, we customized the entire software flow to align with their specific requirements. Our tech stack included C# for the controller framework, Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS in the middle layer, and Flutter with GetX for state management and Platform channels for the HMI and mobile apps. This approach was underpinned by a clean architecture and a single repository approach to streamline and optimize development efforts.

The outcome

Through our collaborative efforts, several notable outcomes were realized. Firstly, the ventilators are now primed for production, equipped with comprehensive software support, thereby elevating their functionality and performance to meet market demands. Secondly, the incorporation of new features and functionalities has significantly enhanced the user experience, setting the client’s products apart as more user-friendly when compared to competitors in the market. Finally, our development practices paved the way for a cost-effective solution, ensuring operational efficiency and long-term sustainability. In summation, our partnership enabled the client to effectively tackle the challenge of improving air ventilation in cold climates, culminating in a user-friendly, cost-effective product poised for market production.


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