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The solutions provided encompassed a third-party tool configuration, documentation updates, frontend enhancements, validation and localization, feature rationalization, bug resolution, client-specified updates, introduction of new backend services (Notification Service and NordNet Linking service), and the establishment of seamless CRM tool to COB links.

The story

The client is a Swedish Fintech Company specializing in providing user-friendly, secure, and modern investment tools and services for Private Banking, Independent Wealth Advisory, and Asset Management. Their focus is on creating returns for clients while considering their financial conditions. The project centers around onboarding clients onto an investment platform where seasoned portfolio managers assist them in making savings and investment decisions.

The challenge

The client’s investment platform faced a formidable challenge, necessitating a comprehensive overhaul and improvement to meet the evolving demands of users and stakeholders. This undertaking was compounded by limited resources, with just a small team comprising one Frontend developer, one Backend developer, a Quality Analyst, and a Tech lead/Scrum Master. Furthermore, the project grappled with a complex tech stack, combining PHP, TypeScript, Node.js, MariaDB, Python, SOAP API, and Google Cloud on the backend, along with JavaScript, React, Redux, and Webpack on the frontend. The team also needed to decipher and reverse-engineer existing code, ensure seamless integration with various third-party tools, update project documentation, implement frontend enhancements for a successful product launch, validate and localize different views, rationalize product features by removing unnecessary elements, address bugs, and incorporate new features as per client requirements.


Additionally, two new services, the Notification Service for sending notifications and reminder emails, and the NordNet Linking service for data synchronization, were introduced. Lastly, the team established redirection links between the CRM tool and COB to facilitate seamless operation.

The solution

To solve these challenges, the team adopted a multifaceted approach. They fostered collaboration within their ranks, pooling their expertise to decipher complex code and gain deep insights into the business domain. The team meticulously conducted research and adeptly configured various third-party tools, ensuring seamless local integration. Additionally, they diligently updated the project’s documentation, enhancing clarity and providing valuable reference material. In preparation for a successful product launch, the team dedicated effort to enhancing the frontend, making it more user-friendly and feature-rich. They also placed a strong emphasis on validation and localization updates, guaranteeing that the platform catered to diverse user needs.


By carefully rationalizing the product’s features, they streamlined its functionality, removing unnecessary elements to optimize user experience. The team exhibited agility in addressing bugs and swiftly implemented client-specified updates, maintaining the project’s alignment with evolving requirements. Furthermore, they introduced two new backend services to bolster the platform’s capabilities: the Notification Service for sending notifications and reminder emails, and the NordNet Linking service for data synchronization. Lastly, they forged smooth links between the CRM tool and COB, ensuring the efficient flow of information and operations.

The outcome

The project yielded exceptional results, marked by the successful completion of all outlined features delivered to the client, showcasing the team’s dedication and expertise. Furthermore, the team managed to meet nearly all defined milestones within the stipulated deadlines, attesting to their efficiency. An ongoing milestone was progressing smoothly, instilling confidence in its timely delivery. The client expressed satisfaction with the project’s progress and the enhanced capabilities of their investment management platform, validating the team’s efforts. Importantly, the incorporation of multiple pieces of feedback from stakeholders ensured that the platform closely aligned with user needs and expectations. In its entirety, the project revitalized the client’s investment management platform, rendering it more robust, user-friendly, and well-attuned to the evolving demands of the financial technology domain.


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