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A digital healthcare platform with a microservices architecture using technologies such as Golang, Java, Spring Boot, React, gRPC, RabbitMQ, and GitLab for streamlined access to patient data, improved patient accessibility, and efficient vendor management.

The story

The client is an industry leader in Hormone Replacement Therapy, recognizing the need to modernize and go paperless in their healthcare ecosystem. Their primary goal was to provide a more efficient and convenient experience for doctors, patients, and medicine vendors.

The challenge

The client faced several challenges that needed addressing. First, doctors were burdened by paperwork, which affected their efficiency and workflow. Second, patients often forgot or lost their previous prescriptions, leading to potential health risks and inconvenience. Lastly, medicine vendors needed a more streamlined and efficient way to manage their operations. The client aimed to create a digital platform that could cater to all three viewpoints effectively.

The solution

To address the challenges faced by the client, FiftyFive team devised a comprehensive digitized platform encompassing several key features. They digitized patient records, allowing doctors to access histories and prescriptions electronically, while patients gained easy, secure access to their medical information and ordered prescriptions more efficiently. Medicine vendors benefitted from an e-commerce website streamlining their operations.


The system is designed using a microservices architecture using Java, Spring Boot, Golang in the backend to ensure scalability and modularity. The technology stack included React for the frontend, Golang, Java, and Spring Boot for the backend, Spring Security and Ory Hydra for security, gRPC for synchronous communication, RabbitMQ for asynchronous communication, and GitLab for version control. Google Cloud (gcloud) and Docker were utilized for efficient CI/CD processes, resulting in a modern and efficient healthcare ecosystem.


The outcome

The implementation of this digital platform brought about several positive outcomes. Doctors experienced reduced paperwork and improved workflow with easy access to patient data. Patients enjoyed convenient access to their medical history and prescriptions, and got prescriptions delivered to their doorstep. Medicine vendors were able to manage their operations more efficiently. We successfully modernized the client’s healthcare ecosystem, making it more user-friendly and efficient for all stakeholders involved.


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