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Nutrients Sold Separately is a captivating mobile game powered by Unreal Engine, immersing players in a microscopic world as heroic White Blood Cells defending the human body from relentless viruses while collecting vital nutrients. The game features essential mechanics like NPC interactions, a dynamic Wave Manager for challenging enemy waves, cosmetic customization, robust data security, and seamless integration with Play Services for social and competitive gaming experiences.


Players engage in strategic combat, nutrient collection, and a rewarding upgrade system, allowing them to progressively enhance their White Blood Cell abilities. The game’s unique premise, educational elements, and captivating microscopic world design create an enthralling gaming journey for players while emphasizing player protection and data security through Firebase, all wrapped up in a visually stunning and educational package.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

The core gameplay mechanics of “Nutrients Sold Separately” form a robust foundation for an engaging gaming experience. The game incorporates various elements, including a diverse cast of NPCs such as friendly White Blood Cells, viruses, and helpful microorganisms, each playing unique roles in the player’s journey. The Wave Manager dynamically controls the emergence and progression of enemy waves, intensifying the challenge as players advance. Skins and cosmetics offer players the opportunity to personalize their White Blood Cell, while stringent data security measures, encryption, and secure server communication ensure player protection.


Integration with Play Services introduces social and competitive dimensions through achievements and leaderboards. The combat system blends strategic depth with action, requiring players to choose the right attack approach against different virus types, while nutrient collection and an upgrade system underpin player progression. In addition to these core mechanics, the game’s distinctive features stand out, with a captivating microscopic world, an educational focus on the immune system and microbiology, personalization options, and a wave-based gameplay structure that sets “Nutrients Sold Separately” apart as an exciting and informative gaming experience.

Features of the Game

    • Unique microscopic world setting where players take on the role of a White Blood Cell.
    • Emphasis on educational aspects related to the human immune system and microbiology.
    • A combination of action-packed combat and strategic decision-making.
    • Personalization through skins and cosmetics for character customization.
    • Integration with Play Services for social and competitive gameplay.
    • Strong focus on data security and player protection.
    • A challenging wave-based gameplay structure.

Game characters

The primary game character is the player-controlled White Blood Cell. Other characters include various types of viruses, friendly White Blood Cells, and beneficial microorganisms.

Game Environments

The game is set in a microscopic world within the human body, where players navigate through the bloodstream and encounter different organs and tissues as they strive to defend against invading viruses.


The White Blood Cell may use a variety of weapons or abilities for combat against viruses, which can include melee attacks, ranged attacks, and special abilities.

Game Props

Nutrients serve as in-game props, collected by players to enhance their White Blood Cells abilities and progress in the game.

Technology Stack

The game is built using Unreal Engine and utilizes Perforce for version control and Firebase for data security and server communication.

The outcome

“Nutrients Sold Separately” is an engaging mobile game with a unique premise. It leverages Unreal Engine’s power to create a captivating microscopic world within the human body. The game’s mechanics, such as NPC interactions, Wave Manager, cosmetic customization, data security, and integration with Play Services, offer a rich gaming experience. Players can enjoy various game mechanics, including combat, nutrient collection, upgrades, level progression, multiplayer features, achievements, and a captivating microscopic world design, making this game an educational and entertaining journey for players.


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