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Created a mobile app that transformed photos into personalized gifts, providing high-quality design options, seamless editing, and fast delivery, leading to high client satisfaction and popularity among users in over 30 countries.

The story

Optimalprint is part of the client’s company headquartered in Norway. With its extensive network of printers and logistics options, they produce personalized print products that are distributed to more than 5 billion people in over 30 countries. They choose each print partner carefully and use eco-friendly paper and get the orders printed locally close to the delivery address, all of which reduces carbon emissions.

The challenge

The company’s goal has been to provide everyone with access to locally printed, high-quality photo products, offering exceptional design at affordable prices. They aimed to help people create personalized gifts that would make their loved ones feel special and appreciated.

The solution

To address this challenge, the solution was to create a mobile application that allows users to transform their photos into a wide variety of personalized products and gifts. Users can easily add their own text, graphics, and photos to create unique, personalized presents in minutes. The application offers a range of gift items, including Cards & Postcards, Photo Books, Canvas, Wallpaper, Photo Posters, Studio Selection, Calendars, Mugs, Phone covers, Clothing & Tote Bags. The application was developed using React Native, JavaScript, Redux, React Navigation, Jest on the frontend, and PHP and Node.js on the backend. Appium was used for end-to-end test coverage, and deployment of the iOS and Android applications was achieved through a streamlined CI/CD pipeline using CodeMagic.

The outcome

The application became a huge success over time, gaining popularity among users. It provided high-quality designs in minutes, and the editing of products and designs was seamless. Users trusted the app due to fast delivery and secure payment options. Users could take advantage of offers and coupons, in addition to exceptional pricing and discounts during holidays and special events. As a result, the company observed high client satisfaction.


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