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The solution incorporates Terraform for IaC, Nginx for web serving, AWS Code Deploy for infrastructure management, Serverless with YAML for scalable deployment, and Docker & Docker-Compose for efficient containerization, forming a comprehensive approach to create an online playground booking system.

The story

The case study revolves around creating an online playground booking system, simplifying the process of scheduling sports courts. Users can easily book a court for their preferred sport through this online platform.

The challenge

The challenge lies in developing a seamless online booking system for sports playgrounds. This involves setting up the infrastructure, integrating various technologies, and ensuring a smooth deployment process to make scheduling easy and efficient.

The solution

The solution to the challenge of creating an online playground booking system involves utilizing specific technologies and responsibilities. This includes using Terraform for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), managing resources like Lambda functions, Cognito for user authentication, Systems Manager (SSM), and establishing a secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Nginx is implemented as a web server to handle web traffic and optimize the online booking system’s performance.


AWS Code Deploy is employed for deploying and managing the infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and efficient deployment process. Serverless deployment is achieved through YAML configuration, facilitating the efficient and scalable deployment of serverless components. Additionally, Docker and Docker-Compose are leveraged for containerization, simplifying the management and deployment of the application across different environments.


The key technologies involved in this comprehensive solution are Terraform, Nginx, Serverless, and Docker & Docker-Compose, collectively contributing to an organized, scalable, and secure online booking platform for sports enthusiasts.

The outcome

The result of implementing this solution is a user-friendly online playground booking system. Users can seamlessly schedule sports courts through a well-organized and secure platform. The use of Terraform, Nginx, Serverless, Docker, and Docker-Compose collectively contributes to an efficient, scalable, and reliable infrastructure, providing a convenient solution for sports enthusiasts to book playgrounds online.


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