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A dedicated team of tech experts collaborated to develop an efficient port management solution, including a responsive mobile app with features like job token assignment, route navigation, and container tracking, powered by a technology stack of .NET, SQL, and Flutter, while also spearheading process improvements for enhanced automation benefits.

The story

The client is a renowned leader in the transportation and service industry, boasting over two decades of experience in developing and providing cutting-edge solutions such as Automatic Fare Systems, Route and Destination Display Systems, Electronic Taximeters, and Fleet Management Solutions. Their goal is to create exceptional solutions that enhance mobility in the industry.

The challenge

The client faced challenges in port management, where manual processes were prevalent and inefficiencies were hampering operations. To address this, they sought to develop a solution that could streamline port management, improve automation, and reduce operational costs.

The solution

To address the client’s specific requirements, a dedicated team of technology experts collaborated closely with the client to craft a robust solution aimed at enhancing port management efficiency. This multifaceted solution comprised several key components. First and foremost, a team of over four highly proficient mobile app developers seamlessly integrated with the client’s existing team to ensure a holistic approach to problem-solving.


The resulting mobile application was meticulously designed to be both highly responsive and feature-rich, encompassing critical functionalities such as job token assignment, route navigation, and real-time container tracking. The technological backbone of the solution leveraged .NET for the backend, SQL for the database, and the versatile Flutter framework for the mobile app, ensuring a cohesive and high-performance system. Furthermore, the team took proactive measures to identify and implement process improvements, allowing the client to fully harness the benefits of port automation and achieve optimal operational efficiency.

The outcome

The client and tech team’s collaborative efforts yielded impressive results, including increased efficiency through dynamic solutions like rapid container tracking and vehicle tracking, resulting in a remarkable 22% surge in productivity while reducing operating expenses by over 40%. This achievement not only streamlined processes but also led the client to attain operational excellence in port management, aligning perfectly with their goal of fostering mobility and efficiency within the transportation and service industry.


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