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The solution encompasses utilizing Docker and Docker Compose for environment management, establishing an Azure DevOps Multi-stage build pipeline with Unity images setup, implementing licensing of Unity Docker images, and utilizing these images to build the APK, all while employing a Fastlane file for continuous app deployment on the Android store.

The story

The case study narrates the tale of a Samurai snake engaged in a fight to reclaim lost fishes resulting from a certain event.

The challenge

The challenge centers around restoring the lost fishes, and to overcome this, the development team faces the task of efficiently managing Docker and Docker Compose files. Additionally, they need to implement an Azure DevOps Multi-stage build pipeline, set up Unity images, license these images in the build pipeline, and utilize them for building the APK (Android application package). The challenge also involves continuous app deployment on the Android store, addressed through the implementation of a Fastlane file.

The solution

To address the challenge, the solution involves specific responsibilities and technologies. Docker and Docker Compose files are used to manage the environment, while an Azure DevOps Multi-stage build pipeline is established, incorporating Unity images setup. Licensing of Unity Docker images within the build pipelines is implemented, and these images are employed to build the APK. A Fastlane file is utilized for continuous deployment of the app on the Android store.

The outcome

The result of implementing this solution is the restoration of lost fishes by the Samurai snake. The use of Azure DevOps, Docker, Docker Compose, and Fastlane collectively contributes to an organized and efficient development and deployment process. The output is an Android application that undergoes continuous deployment on the Android store, ensuring that the Samurai snake’s fight to reclaim the fishes is supported by a robust and streamlined technical solution.


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