Bringing you closer to the Supply-chain Excellence

Supply chain management has seen a dramatic transformation because tech is at the forefront to automate tasks. More than 40% of business leaders are transforming their supply chains and they are pivoting towards using technology to guard themselves against supply-chain disruptions. Our tech team always act as weaponry for our clients because they get high-quality digital solutions to enhance their logistics & supply chain operations

In the realm of Supply chain management and logistics, FiftyFive Technologies implement the best software development practices

  • Industry analysis

    Our strong force of tech specialists analyse bottlenecks & Industry requirements

  • Solution-focused

    Focus on a custom solution for specific verticals because “no one solution fits all”

  • Action-oriented

    Our action-oriented approach is the major driver for the successful delivery

Agile approach

Our powerful & responsive solution delivery is because of harnessing an agile approach. This drives our tech experts to create a transformative impact


We got an amalgamation of technology & creative capabilities covered for the successful deployment of supply-chain solutions

Our benefits

For clients operating in the Supply-chain & logistics industry, at FiftyFive Technologies have the following deliverables

  • Our dedicated team helps you to reduce your client turnaround time by developing a dynamic Route optimisation software using Machine learning algorithms so that the best route can be chosen, the warehouse can be selected and it will curb the delivery time and minimize transportation and shipping costs.

  • To curtail shipping costs can be a daunting task. So our team of experts developed a robust system to estimate the shipping costs of the packages using Machine learning logic and the system will calculate the shipping & packaging costs of the product.

  • Real-time data-driven insights are delivered by our team of data analysts & scientists who diligently develop enriching analytics dashboards with salient features like key performing indicators using Machine learning & AI so that our clients take meaningful decisions.

  • Predictive maintenance solutions delivered by our squad of tech experts helped our client to win supply-chain battles. We help you build operational efficiency by providing smart systems through AI and ML-based algorithms which will alert you to replace assets at the right time so that it will thrust to your sales ensuring efficiency in the production schedule and product delivery.

  • We understand that achieving operational & supply chain efficiencies is the de-facto objective of our client. Our dedicated team of Technology specialists build dynamic systems for our clients to reduce supply chain & logistics bottlenecks so that they can accomplish operational excellence.