At FiftyFive Technologies, we believe in maintaining the sanctity of our customer’s personal data. Please refer to our privacy policy.

FiftyFive strives to ensure transparency and fairness while collecting and processing the customer data. Being compliant with the data privacy norms and following privacy practices is important for us to build trust and integrity with our customers. In this growing digital age and massive penetration of the internet, we use our customer’s crucial information in a fair and efficient manner. Because data protection is pivotal for us to sustain our relationship with the customers in the long run.


Medium through which we use your personal data:

Enquiry Forms: When any customer contacts us for our support or submits a job application then their data is stored in our database. Customers/applicants can easily delete their data at any time.

Analytics tool: The customer data is used to analyse their engagement. There is no misuse of data.