Industrial Automation 4.0

Industrial automation is not a futuristic revolution, it is happening at present and that too on a wide scale. It aims at bringing complete autonomy to the manufacturing sector, allowing the manufacturing companies to take decisions based on data, rather than intuition. In order to control, monitor and maintain complicated manufacturing workflows industrial automation holds prime importance.


At FiftyFive Technologies, in our Industrial automation solutions & services, we provide the Technology resources & experts who work on the latest technologies that can run throughout the industry without burdening the cost or the infrastructure. Using IoT, AI, ML, Big Data and other top-notch technical stacks, we help industries fully automate the processes that can take contextual decisions, with minimum human intervention. This, in turn, would massively reduce the operational costs of businesses, while improving the cumulative outputs during production.

With our years of expertise in dealing with Global clients, we offer tech experts who deliver software solutions to streamline & automate manufacturing workflows!

There are a plethora of Industrial automation solutions we deliver especially to Manufacturing companies. Now the questions which a manufacturing client could ponder are, how can FiftyFive Technologies help with our digital transformation needs? The answer is you name it and we deliver it!


We provide wide-spread application development solutions including for the machines, to become more flexible to adapt quickly and scale swiftly with the technology integration or retrofit sensors plugged into existing legacy systems. These applications from monitoring the temperature of boilers to tracking machinery movements offer complete transparency into production count, total spillage, and turn-around time with limited human interferences. We develop applications & monitoring systems that facilitate autonomous M2M (machine-to-machine) communication. This can completely automate and streamline the basic process or workflow, depending upon the level of complexity.


We have delivered solutions and presently working hand-in-hand with a heat device manufacturing and selling giant in the area of IoT where we democratized its industrial software. We migrated & Transformed its existing industrial software into Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings powered by Azure. It gives access and availability to customers of all sizes. We worked on the IoT integration project in which we enabled the Client to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics to merge its customer’s IT and operational technology (OT) data to accelerate digital transformation. This opens up data, not previously available, with interfaces that connect the edge to the cloud.

  • Industry analysis

    Assessment of Client’s
    needs & Gap analysis

  • Modern Tech Stacks

    AI,Big Data, IoT,
    Azure, Data Analytics

  • Continuous support

    Strong support &
    consultancy to Client

Agile Focused

We work with project management methodologies and incorporate JIRA, Confluence & Scrum practices.

Cultural Fitment

We work with the Global Manufacturing clients and we have resources with the right fit for their culture.
Software Development

Why choose FiftyFive?

Custom Software Solutions for overall Business Performance

  • Two-week free Proof of Concept (POC)

  • Result Oriented team of experts

  • Latest Industry Practices

  • Agile Methodologies

Our tech resources at FiftyFive Technologies enable y to achieve operational efficiency by developing a smart monitoring system, Route Optimization solutions which provide exact real-time location alerts of your vehicles, so that you can provide accurate, in-time status updates to stakeholders. Our dedicated team of technology specialists provide you the flexibility to track vehicles in real-time, from anywhere in the world.


We also work in the area of predictive maintenance to prevent downtime and surging maintenance costs. It plays a pivotal role in achieving Industrial automation. We build the software using technologies – AI, ML, IoT, Big Data, BigQuery, Python, and Operation research intertwined together to create dynamic predictive maintenance solutions. This empowers Manufacturing companies to get immediate notification on where and when the production stops or get instant automated alerts when the output is low due to the machine breakdown. It helps them to monitor their workflows in the background so that they can ensure that production is not delayed and they can make machine replacements or any critical decisions accurately in order to maintain high service levels.

How can you hire our resources?

Our resources analyze your project requirements and once you are interested, you can hire our tenacious tech experts seamlessly within 24 hours at fair costs (either hourly or fixed basis) and they will start the work immediately with your R&D team.

How can I reap the benefits of your resource pool?

By choosing us as your outsourcing partner, you can power up your digital transformation strategy with skilled tech resources and can reduce your tech costs by more than 40%.

Why outsource resources from FiftyFive Technologies

By choosing us as your outsourcing partner for technology integration and digital transformation you can get tech resources with the right fit for your culture, who takes complete ownership and we deliver 3-week free POC to build trust. Our tenacious tech experts helped us to achieve long-term client relationships with a 100% retention rate.

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