Connecting Hearts- Far & Beyond!

The Cultural Connect at FiftyFive Technologies works exactly the same way as the chemical bonds, which bind atoms together to form molecules. The Cultural Connect is our pride, because, it binds us together like a tribe. We are all, of course, unique in our nature- and so are our values & beliefs. Hence Culture Connect is our identity proof which helps us in connecting our hearts- far & beyond!


The Cultural Connect at FiftyFive Technologies involves a series of invigorating events which help us to strengthen human connections at the workplace. Let’s have a look at how these events gingered up our FiftyFive Tribe-

Our Mothers are the Powerhouse!

No one can replace our Mothers. Absolutely, she is the greatest gift of the Almighty. We celebrated Mother’s Day to honour our Mothers & the Holy Mother Earth!


We have created a delightful surprise for our FiftyFive tribe on the occasion of the Mother’s Day by surprising them with a Photo frame picturing them with their mothers and a lovely letter which they have written to their mothers. The outcome left an emotional imprint on their minds they were beaming with joy, here is a glimpse of this moment, of course, it cannot be expressed by mere words!

This Friday was dedicated to supporting our cause- Rooting for a Greener Tomorrow in association with Vrikshavali Foundation. Look at our Plantation drive to extend our gratitude towards the Mother Earth

Fun Fridays helped us to go bonkers!

Fridays are frolicsome and it helps us to enjoy, go crazy & play funny games

“ Everyone was in a state of ecstasy & the games robbed boredom from our daily life. Such events are our legacy”

Presenting the High-Performing Starlights of FiftyFive

Culture dive at FiftyFive

“Work Anniversary Celebrations”

FiftyFive Technologies wishes Ankita Yadav, Bhanupriya Choudhary, Naman Khanna, Satya Prakash Satapathy, Someshwari Dhakate & Sushma Goswami, a very Happy Work Anniversary. We highly appreciate your invaluable contribution to us. Looking forward to achieving greater milestones with you!