Flinging ourselves with the exciting events

This New year 2023 is filled with juicy memories to capture and we have already started with a massive bang!

This time our people at FiftyFive Technologies are pepped up to fill our cultural activities calendar with a roller coaster of exciting events and blazed the happy trail with the “Zumba event”. The event made us realize what is the true meaning of “Belongingness” which is one of the most important motivational factors.

Exciting Events
Here are the elaborate glimpses of the Zumba session with active people and very high affirmations!

The opportunities for Client & employee meetings are plenty to create a transformation in the way we relate better with our FiftyFife Family and we don’t want to miss out on any!

We always have the bigger picture in mind to forge strong ties with our Clients and the employees

Raising the Curtains for our Achievers

Learning and Development

The best part of our people at FiftyFive is the passion for “Peer learning”. To keep the hunger for learning & development alive we constantly strive forward for the development sessions run by our own people. This time as well, Tanvi Jain, Praveen Jain, Tanya Sahu, Jaspreet Singh, Ishika Mishra, Tahira Veqar, Orussa Firdous, Ankit Gupta & Ashima Gupta, our high-spirited developers organized an insightful session on “Sales Management System” & “Kafka Session” on their own hook.

Culture dive at FiftyFive

“Work Anniversary Celebrations”

FiftyFive Technologies wishes Aanchal Jain, Kunj Sharma, Shubhayu Kumar & Gaurav Yadav a very Happy Work Anniversary. We highly appreciate your invaluable contribution to us. Looking forward to achieving greater milestones with you. Kudos to the awesome family. Have