The Aisles of Success​

The Company becomes successful & scalable with the people working in it!


The tribe at our FiftyFive Technologies are the real action rulers and initiators who relentlessly help us to walk down the aisles of success every now and then!


This time as well our tribe initiated different measures-

Fostered Learning & development initiatives

The HR team initiated a ChatGPT learning session to incorporate AI for  robust HR practices

“ The HR team's decision to attend a session on ChatGPT was an excellent one. With our ability to provide efficient and effective support in various HR functions, the team can leverage their skills to enhance performance and achieve better outcomes with growing automation trends.”

Infused creativity with Brainstorming sessions

Our Marketing team are the real creative geniuses who find opportunities to initiate sessions to pool a plethora of amazing ideas & mind-bottling insights

Celebrated International Happiness Day by being Mindful, Grateful & Kind

Organized a plethora of games & events to nurture ourselves as an energized FiftyFive Tribe

Conducted the interactive session for our vivacious interns

Presenting the High-Performing Starlights of FiftyFive

Learning & Wisdom Highlights

Noteworthy mentions to our people at FiftyFive Technologies who drive the steering wheel of “Peer learning”. This time as well, the steering of the learning session was driven by Naman Khanna- our ferocious Flutter Developer, who hosted an insightful session on “ Mobile Automation Testing on Appium “ which captivated our audience!


Let’s glance at Naman’s experience from the learning session-

“ It was a great session, when I started the presentation I was nervous but with the flow I became calm. The audience was too good they all were listening to me properly, and they were asking their doubts which was making the presentation interactive at the lat our CTO & Mobile development lead added their valuable knowledge which helped me a lot to refactor my code.

Culture dive at FiftyFive

“Work Anniversary Celebrations”

FiftyFive Technologies wishes Abhishek Kumar, Abhinav Bharti, Aparna Sarkar, Abhay Mathur, Nitin Bali & Revathy Vinod a very Happy Work Anniversary. We highly appreciate your invaluable contribution to us. Looking forward to achieving greater milestones with you!