Cultural transformation has many benefits. It helps in forming a workplace full of happiness. We at FiftyFive Technologies have successfully as well as consistently voyaged the cultural transformation. In our recent initiatives, we establish new ways to build the cultural muscles which run throughout the Company by imbibing the philosophy of “K G F”. Fret not!

It is decoded as working with 100% “Kindliness, Godliness & Friendliness”


This philosophy involves our respect for the stakeholders, our CSR initiatives & Festive celebration to propagate our friendly work environment.


Keep your eyeballs rolling with curiosity to know more about our Company initiatives

Raising the Curtains to showcase Achievers

A huge toast to our best-of-breed Development & Quality assurance team for their vital, extensive and invaluable contribution towards Fiftyfive and for helping the company to accomplish various strategic goals & making the clients happy with the solutions. Keep spreading the aroma of success!

Learning & Wisdom Highlights

To revamp the skillsets and to sharpen our FiftyFive Arsenal, we keep organizing our learning sessions on the latest trends. We have conducted an “Intuitive Book discussion session” which was particularly based on “Observer Patterns” as well as a “Brain-immersive session” on “Microfrontend”. The sessions were conducted by Orussa Firdous, Tarun Jain, Arnav Raj & Ankita Yadav.

Culture Board

“Work Anniversary Celebrations”

FiftyFive Technologies wishes Abhishek Sharma, Aman Khandelwal, Sandip Kumar, Dr. Surbhi Sharma, Ishika Mishra & Rudreswar Rao a very Happy Work Anniversary. We highly appreciate your invaluable contribution to us. Looking forward to achieving greater milestones with you.