Jyothi Sharma

Jyothi is the CEO of FiftyFive Technologies & epitome of a true Women leadership. Under her stewardship, FiftyFive Technologies is rapidly rising.

Aanchal Jain

Aanchal is highly motivated and hard-working Software engineer. We appreciate she zeal for learning and taking initiatives to benefit others from her knowledge.

Aparna Sarkar

Aparna is lively, playful & have great project handling capabilities. She is a project manager in one of the biggest IoT projects.

Sanchi Saxena

Sanchi is our “HR Godmother” . It is because of her strong dedication, FiftyFive Tech family blossoms and has a fun loving culture.

Someshwari Dhakate

Someshwari is an excellent team player and motivated React Native developer who is fierce as a Tigress, loves trekking and embracing challenges.

Surbhi Sharma

Surbhi is a multitasker, from playing the role of Diligent Data Scientist to adopting the principles of decisiveness, Punctuality, Flexibility and time management. She plays her role effectively.

Charu Jain

Charu is a meticulous person and an outstanding achiever.

Saloni Agarwal

Saloni is a very dedicated person with strong attention to detail.

Sushma Goswami

Sushma is the powerhouse of knowledge and enthusiasm. She is an excellent performer in her field.

Sangini Jha

Sangini is a very generous person with a poetic heart and she possess great cross-functional interaction skills.

Ishika Mishra

Ishika is a very outspoken person and is proactive in her profession.

Ankita Yadav

Ankita is very sanguine by nature and always have the undying spirit to learn.

Abhiruchi Khandelwal

Abhiruchi loves to share her knowledge with others and she is very assertive by nature.

Pooja Sharma

Pooja being a talented Content writer is also a great motivator. She fills the heart of everyone with positivity.

Shivani Pandey

Shivani has a heart of gold and she presents her views very politely with logic.

Sonali Mathur

Sonali is a very humble person and she is always open to be the part of challenging projects.

Vimla Sharma

Vimla is a very amiable person and she is a great problem solver.

Orussa Firdous

Orussa is a very hard working person. She has excellent presentation skills which impresses everyone.

Tahira Veqar

Tahira possess excellent communication skills and she is a great team player.

Tanvi Jain

Tanvi is a very helpful person with a great sense of responsibility.

Shreshtha Bhatnagar

Shreshtha is a very tender hearted person and she has a great listening skills.

Sweta Kumari

Sweta has a very good quality of gathering knowledge and is always curious to learn new things.

Muskaan Madan

Muskaan is a passionate 3D animator, a dynamic person and she emulate the voices of different cartoon characters which makes others happy.