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In the dynamic world of gaming, where every pixel and animation counts, FiftyFive Technology is at the forefront, unleashing a wave of innovation through its high-quality gaming assets. One such marvel is the “Street Fighter Combat” template, a meticulously designed 3rd-person street fighting combat animation pack that promises to elevate any action fighting game to new heights.



The Street Fighter Combat Pack: A Symphony of Movements


Imagine a world where punches land with precision, kicks soar with intensity, and grapple moves weave a tapestry of combat artistry. The Street Fighter Combat pack brings this vision to life, offering a comprehensive collection of animations that form the backbone of any action-packed gaming experience.





From face-level jabs to ground-shaking low-level punches, the pack includes a spectrum of punch animations that add authenticity to the combat dynamics. The reactions to punches are finely tuned, ensuring a seamless flow in response to every move.





The pack doesn’t hold back on kicks, featuring high-level kicks that defy gravity, mid-level kicks for versatile combat, and ground-hugging low-level kicks. The reactions to kicks capture the essence of impact, making each kick feel impactful and exhilarating.



Grapple Moves:


Elevate your game with a variety of grapple moves that go beyond the ordinary. The pack includes attack animations and reactions to grapple moves, setting the stage for intricate and jaw-dropping 9 hit and 10 hit combos.



Taekwondo Moves:


For aficionados of martial arts, the Street Fighter Combat pack introduces 6 Taekwondo style attacks with corresponding reactions. Immerse players in the finesse of Taekwondo, adding a layer of sophistication to the combat experience.



10-Hit Combo:


Experience the thrill of chaining together 10 seamlessly connected moves, each met with its own set of continuing reactions. The 10-Hit Combo feature is a testament to the pack’s commitment to delivering an epic and engaging gaming experience.



Walks, Rolls, Jump, Move Switch, Crouch, and Blocking:


The attention to detail is unparalleled, with animations for every conceivable movement. Whether it’s the nuanced walks, directional grounded rolls, graceful jumps, move-switching dynamics, crouching stances, or defensive blocking, every animation contributes to a holistic and immersive gaming environment.


Why Street Fighter Combat?


The allure of the Street Fighter Combat pack lies in its versatility. Whether you choose to utilize the animations as-is or tweak them to suit your game’s unique requirements, the pack offers a canvas for game developers to paint their vision. It’s not just a collection of animations; it’s a toolkit for crafting unforgettable gaming experiences.



Features That Set Street Fighter Combat Apart:


  • True 3rd Person:
  • Full-body awareness of characters
  • Automatic camera adjustment and collision prevention
  • Dynamic head movement and more, enhance the immersive feel of the game.



Curve-based Animations:


    • Real-time editing of camera animations and speed curves, giving developers unprecedented control over visual aesthetics.



Epic Combos:

      • Showcase and execute stunning 9 hit and 10 hit combos, adding layers of complexity and excitement to the gameplay.



States Based:

    • Encompasses various states of animations, ensuring a fluid transition between movements and actions.



Technical Prowess:


The Street Fighter Combat pack is not just about stunning visuals; it is backed by technical excellence.

  • Rigged to the Epic skeleton for seamless integration.
  • Inclusion of IK bones for enhanced control over character movements.
  • Animation types: In-place and Root based, providing flexibility to developers.



Supported Development Platforms:


Whether you’re a game developer on Windows, Mac, or consoles, the Street Fighter Combat pack has you covered. The versatility extends beyond the gaming realm, opening doors for cross-platform development and expansive gaming landscapes.



Beyond the Streets: FiftyFive Tech’s Casino Pack


But FiftyFive Tech doesn’t stop at combat; they also cater to the glitz and glamour of casino scenes. Their Casino Pack is a treasure trove of assets that empowers game developers to create captivating and immersive casino environments.


This Pack Includes:

  • Slot machines that spin with anticipation.
  • Pool tables in both normal and broken states, setting the stage for varied narratives.
  • Poker tables, offering a touch of sophistication to virtual gambling.
  • A spinning wheel of fortune that adds an element of chance and excitement.
  • Chair sets in two distinct styles for customizable seating arrangements.
  • Modular elements like roofs, walls, ceilings, and a cashier counter for building diverse casino layouts.


Other Accessories:

  • Pool balls, chips, coins, and cards to add tangible elements to the virtual casino world.
  • Signboards and TVs for information and entertainment within the casino ambiance.


FiftyFive Technology’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming assets is evident in the Street Fighter Combat and Casino Packs. These aren’t just collections of animations and models; they are gateways to immersive, engaging, and unforgettable virtual experiences. Whether your players are battling in the streets or trying their luck in the casino, FiftyFive Tech’s gaming assets provide the tools to transform visions into realities within the digital realm. It’s not just about playing games; it’s about living them.


Purchase now and transform your gaming vision into reality!

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