Diversity & Inclusion for FiftyFive Technologies is not a buzzword or a handsome-sounding platitude. Rather it is based on the implementation of the policies and sum total of the actions which make a healthy & and inclusive workplace. In this ongoing conversation, we will discuss why Diversity matters to us, how we inculcate strong practices & our commitment to enhancing diversity at our workplace.



Diversity at FiftyFive Technologies


At FiftyFive Technologies, diversity goes beyond representation – it is about creating an environment, an ethical value system where individuals from all walks of life can thrive and contribute to our collective success. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion helps us foster innovation, techno-creativity, and empathy, thereby positioning us as a stronger and more impactful technology company.


We strategize & integrate diverse perspectives and backgrounds into our different teams within the organization. Peep into our commitment towards diversity & programs to create an inclusive workplace-



Strengthening Gender Equality


Increasing the Female headcount & focus on Female hiring is always on our radar to enhance Gender Equality. We are also giving flexible working options to the females.



Creating more room for Leaders


We have thinking beyond tech and it reflects in our work as well, because we are building a culture beyond tech where more leaders thrive at FiftyFive! We are engaged in several leadership development programs to hunt the leaders within each one of us.



Ethical Value System & Integrity


Ethics & governance are the foundation and we constantly abide by the process of trust, transparency, equity, integrity & the best practices in our standard operating procedures & policies linked to our ethical value system.



Health & Wellness


The winds of stress, anxiety & depression are revolving around the lives of people in the corporates and due to this mental health issues are surging at a gargantuan pace. This is linked to Diversity and inclusion policies. We at FiftyFive Technologies ensure that mental health should not be a hurdle for our diverse group of people. We motivate & encourage people from different groups to undertake fitness challenges and showcase their progress in our informal wellness groups. Apart from that Yoga, cognitive wellness, meditation & Zumba sessions are the top activities we cover to boost wellness amongst our tribe.



Facilitating interactions with recreational clubs


Uniting people, harmonizing the opinions of different groups and facilitating interactions is super-important. We are nailing it with our recreational clubs. At present, we have Sports Club, Learning & Development Club, Activities Club, Entertainment Club, Health Club & Games Club. Through the introduction of Clubs are thrive from different ethnicities are bonding with each other very well!



The heavy influx of challenging projects


Equitable distribution of opportunities is part & parcel to bolster the Diversity at FiftyFive Technologies. No matter where our tribe is stationed, what religion they belong to, or what educational degree they possess. Wham different challenging projects where our tribe can prove their mettle. We have an influx of external projects and internal projects as well and wet we prioritize is to assign the allocate to our people in a just & fair manner so that they can grow.sity with Peer Learning


Fostering DiverPeer learning sessions are like a Peninsula where the confluence of knowledge gets connects. In simpler terms, a Peer learning session is a hub where our employee takes up the session on any topic like API management, Agile project management and other skill development topics and people join together, ask questions and share knowledge in a way that promotes diversity through transparent & conversational learning.



Wonder-women – Our Changemakers


In this journey towards building a Culture Beyond Tech, we want to empower our dynamic women catalyst being referred to as “Wonder-Women of FiftyFive Technologies”. We empower them through awareness sessions related to Female health & well-being, we want an inflow of more female project managers and we train them so that they put themselves first when it comes to their career growth. Our Women are the real change-makers.



Minimal Attrition Rates


We organize social initiatives, activities, wellness programs, flexible work culture, accreditation programmes, workations, and seminars, and provide performance incentives & a plethora of motivational boosters which stimulate the force within our tribe, they work together collaboratively irrespective of their ethnicities & cultural differences. In this way, our employee attrition rate is less than 5% and we are retaining our loyal tribe.



Embracing Cultural Diversity by celebrating traditions


We are doing a lot on the frontier of celebrating diversity. We do so by celebrating traditions with our employees who represent different cultures and it is always an awesome part of our culture. We cover each & every festival, right from Diwali, Christmas, and Eid to Sankranti, Holi, and many more. We encourage employees to share their photos when they are working remotely. 


Cultural Diversity Reigns Supreme!



Be a Part of a Culture Where Diversity Reigns Supreme. We have a lot more things with respect to Diversity. We have rebuilt our offices at Jaipur & Gurgaon. We have also opened offices in the U.K. and foraying other geographies where we can eliminate the cross-border differences. We timely conduct open surveys to gauge the Happiness index and also organize Annual events. All in all, working in unison is what we envision!


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