Waste Management System

The Smart Waste Management System, consisting of three-sided street cameras, Tensorflow Lite-based image classification, Python for real-time processing, and MariaDB for data storage, was developed and implemented by a two-member team, including a Business Analyst and a Data Engineer, to optimize

Smart Hiring

Employed HPCC systems and the adaptable ECL language to revamp job search and hiring, featuring real-time quality of life updates, comprehensive profile insights, customized job rankings, and enhanced efficiency for both job seekers and hiring managers. The story The client has

Document Digitization

We enhanced the Yolo model's accuracy and robustness through image augmentation and computer vision, optimizing OCR and object detection for comprehensive document data extraction, showcasing the synergy of AI techniques in a successful project. The story The client is a leading

Automating Operations

Leveraged a technology stack encompassing BQ Console, VS Code, Looker Studio, Linear, Python, and SQL to devise an innovative solution. Their contributions encompassed streamlining onboarding, enhancing data ingestion for deeper insights, automating order dispute management, and integrating workflows, resulting in improved

Optimising Viewership

A data-driven approach, powered by in-depth data analysis and analytics tools like Power BI, led to the implementation of personalized content recommendations, adaptive pricing strategies, content optimization, and scalable infrastructure, resulting in significant growth in viewership, engagement, and revenue. The story