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A data-driven approach, powered by in-depth data analysis and analytics tools like Power BI, led to the implementation of personalized content recommendations, adaptive pricing strategies, content optimization, and scalable infrastructure, resulting in significant growth in viewership, engagement, and revenue.

The story

The client has a prominent online content platform, facing challenges in the UK and US markets, including stagnant user engagement and revenue concerns. The task was to investigate these challenges and optimize viewership for the client’s ‘Official Channel’ on YouTube, using data-driven insights and technology.

The challenge

The challenges included stagnating viewership on the ‘Official Channel,’ characterized by flat viewer numbers, which necessitated strategies to rekindle audience interest. Additionally, there were declining traffic sources, notably the Browse Feature, prompting the need to investigate the underlying causes. Historical data revealed a plateau in UK viewership growth, with only a 4.14% increase in views, falling below expectations. A similar issue was observed in the US market, where watch-time had grown modestly by 7.12%, signifying the need for substantial improvement. While the channel boasted a dedicated audience, there was an opportunity to enhance engagement levels and extend viewing duration. Furthermore, revenue growth was a source of concern in both regions, with only a 23.11% increase in the UK and a 17.19% increase in the US, failing to meet the desired targets.

The solution

The solution encompassed a multifaceted approach. In-depth data analysis utilizing Power BI yielded actionable insights into user behavior and content preferences. A data-driven approach was important, with the use of analytics tools such as Power BI to gain insights into viewership patterns, traffic sources, and viewer behavior. Personalized content recommendations were introduced to enhance user engagement. Adaptive pricing strategies were implemented, featuring dynamic pricing, optimized ad placements, and refined subscription offerings. To reinvigorate interest, targeted p paid advertising campaigns were launched. Content optimization strategies were adopted, aligning the content strategy with viewer preferences and emerging trends in children’s entertainment. Furthermore, a scalable infrastructure was established, ensuring the capability to accommodate heightened user demand and traffic spikes, all while maintaining a seamless user experience.


The various services deployed were DAX Calculations, Optimizing the DAX Queries, Data Collection and Cleaning, Data Visualization, Statistical Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Data Interpretation and Insights, Report Generation, Insights Generation, Stakeholder Presentations.


The outcome

The outcome of our efforts was nothing short of remarkable. In the UK, we saw a substantial surge in viewership, with a 14.23% increase equating to an impressive 4,979,788 additional views. The US market experienced a notable revival of engagement, with watch-time surging by 15.87%, translating to an astounding 87,324,537.07 additional minutes watched. Moreover, our data-driven strategies triggered a revenue surge in both regions, as the UK revenue grew by 23.11% and the US revenue by 17.19%, resulting in a net revenue change of $13,703.37 for the UK and $26,323.92 for the US. Most importantly, our efforts yielded significantly enhanced viewer engagement, affirming the success of the comprehensive strategies we employed.


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