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    CMS, web application, bulk data import, real-time analytics

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A web-based platform for older adults, we successfully delivered features including a CMS, web application, bulk data import, real-time analytics, and widget integration, resulting in satisfied clients and ongoing post-delivery support.

The story

The client, specializing in creating interactive and immersive experiences for live events and broadcasts, aimed to bring community and interactivity to their viewers through their platform. This platform integrated with streaming services, offering interactive polls, real-time chats, VR experiences, AR elements, and social media integration. Meanwhile, a web-based application for older adults was delivered, focused on fostering a supportive community and providing opportunities for personal growth. It included a web application, a content management system (CMS), and an analytics service.

The challenge

These challenges include integrating various components such as the web application, content management system (CMS), and analytics service, necessitating smooth functionality. Ensuring the solution’s scalability to accommodate a growing user base and heightened data demands poses another substantial obstacle. Additionally, crafting a user-friendly interface, particularly tailored to the preferences and needs of older adults using the client’s application, may present difficulties in addressing potential usability concerns. Lastly, the complex task of effectively managing stakeholder feedback and incorporating it into the product, all while adhering to project timelines, underscores the intricate balancing act required for project success.

The solution

The team successfully delivered a comprehensive solution for the clients. We created a CMS where administrators could create different collection types for classes and organizations. A web application with unique URLs for each organization was developed and integrated with the CMS for user interface. The team also implemented bulk data import functionality into the CMS, along with a real-time analytics service. Additionally, we integrated the widgets into the web application and the client’s SDK with the CMS to manage and analyze user interactions.


The project was powered by a tech stack that included Node.js, JavaScript, Strapi, Postgres, MongoDB, and Docker for the backend, while the frontend was developed using TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and React JS. The skilled team behind this successful endeavor comprised 2 frontend developers, 2 backend developers, and 2 QA professionals to ensure product quality and reliability. Additionally, the team was led by a dedicated Scrum Master who oversaw project management and coordination, while a DevOps Engineer contributed to the deployment and operation of the technological infrastructure. This well-rounded team structure and the chosen tech stack played pivotal roles in delivering a comprehensive and functional solution.

The outcome

The team successfully delivered all the features and functionalities as per the client’s requirements. The client expressed satisfaction with the progress and capabilities added to their product. Feedback from stakeholders was actively incorporated into the product, indicating a collaborative and responsive approach. The team has completed all deliverables for phase 1 and is currently engaged in post-delivery support.


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