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Client Objectives

The Client is a newly formed Start-up and wants to provide an intelligent platform to Food brands. However, the client is new and facing challenges in finding the right technologies & right resources to launch the platform & to empower Food brands to make data-driven decisions to boost revenue with their Food Technology Solutions. The client wants to develop a real-time platform & high-performing food technology solutions with strong integration of data analytics techniques, a solid front end and a backend.

Key Solutions

Our strong squad of Frontend, Backend & Data engineers joined the client’s tech force to deliver the following Food technology solutions-

  • The responsive front end was the need of the hour for the client in the process of the food technology solutions development cycle. The strong responsiveness was achieved with great UI so that the user experience remains smooth. The developers harnessed React.Js to augment the frontend part.
  • The data analytics team developed the order intelligence platform by enabling Big data analytics to track trends & analyse the KPIs related to the orders, data scrapping solution was also rendered by the team.
  • The developers utilized microservices architecture for building a resilient, secure & modular order intelligence platform
  • The entire food technology solutions involve the development of KPI dashboards, UI, Sturdy backend in Python, and usage of Apex charts for developing responsive & amazing charts. This is used for creating dynamic real-time dashboards.


  • Our tech team’s front-end development methodologies through React.Js did wonders in the form of highly responsive and fine-tuned front-end dashboards.
  • The existing UI of the client’s platform was not effective and our team modified it and made it a compelling one.
  • Proficient data analysts & engineers delivered data-scrapping solutions to promote informative decision-making to beat the competitors. The team developed an order intelligence platform by incorporating Big Query, Embedded Data Studio, Python & other visualization technologies to help the client to empower the Food brands to gauge the best-selling items, order details, transactions, and refunds from the dynamic dashboard which our team built in the realm of Food Technology Solutions.
  • With huge data sets turned into lucrative KPI dashboards helped the food brands to track the uptime, minimize the error rates and raise service levels.
  • The data-driven smart workflow helped the food brands to increase their sale and which in turn delighted our client as well.
  • The rigorous tech consultancy on finding the right technologies & system architecture for developing seamless Food technology solutions immensely benefitted the client to serve the food brands in a better way.
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