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Integrated the client’s manual system with a React.js frontend, GraphQL APIs, PostgreSQL database, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, Azure Blob Storage, third-party APIs, achieving 90% test coverage with Jest and Cypress, automated error handling via cron jobs and Microsoft Teams’ incoming webhook, and gained customer insights through Microsoft Clarity for a comprehensive solution.

The story

The client, a Sweden-based manufacturer of heat pumps, aimed to simplify the experience for its customers by creating a single platform, the Customer Portal. This portal was designed to offer various services, including spare parts sales, a comprehensive spare parts catalog, software files for their products, and troubleshooting guides for installers. It was built using resilient microservices architecture with a focus on improving user experience and reducing application failures. The service primarily targeted B2B customers.

The challenge

The primary challenge faced by the client was managing the increasing demand for spare parts and the growing number of service partners. The existing manual system required partners to place orders via phone calls, leading to several difficulties. These challenges included the unavailability of individuals responsible for registering demands, incomplete knowledge about spare parts and their alternatives, extensive manual work, separate software file installations, and insufficient information about whom to contact and when.

The solution

To address these challenges, a team of engineers specialized in frontend and backend development embarked on delivering a comprehensive solution. We began by understanding the client’s existing manual system and worked on integrating it with their proposed solution.


The team adopted a “storybook” approach, utilizing React.js for frontend components and GraphQL APIs on the backend, supported by a PostgreSQL database. Azure DevOps was used for seamless integration, Kubernetes for containerization, and Azure Blob Storage for faster resource loading. The team also integrated various third-party APIs to enhance the customer experience and implement resource access control.


In terms of testing and error handling, the team achieved a 90% test coverage using Jest and automated testing with Cypress. We also automated error handling by creating cron jobs that notified developers immediately if something went wrong, using Microsoft Teams’ incoming webhook and SendGrid. To gain insights into customer interactions, we implemented Microsoft Clarity, which provided video details of customer interactions, aiding in issue recognition and the development of customer-centric features.

The outcome

Following the launch of the Customer Portal, the client successfully achieved its goal of onboarding a significant number of service partners. Within the first year of deployment, they achieved a 60% onboarding rate, surpassing the initial target of 40%. The rich experience provided by the portal allowed the client to stand out among its competitors. The success of the customer portal was such that the client received requests to launch it in various countries. They are currently working on launching it in Germany and Finland, with plans to expand to 26 more countries in the near future.


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