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Client Objectives

The client has two main objectives for their service migration and learning portal automation journey. Firstly, they aim to achieve cost optimization during the cloud migration process, specifically migrating from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to OVH cloud. This entails migrating over 30 services, including Kubernetes, Bucket, DNS, and PostgreSQL database. The challenge lies in effectively transferring these services to the new cloud environment.


Secondly, the client seeks to automate the process of building the learning portal through a pipeline. Previously, this task relied on the development team whenever a new client was onboarded. By implementing automation, the client aims to streamline and expedite the creation of learning portals, eliminating the need for manual intervention in the development process.

Key Solutions

Here is the list of solutions delivered to clients by our experienced Cloud computing & DevOps team-

    • Initially, our team considered migrating Kubernetes from GKE to an OVH-managed cluster and tested one service there.
    • For effective cloud migration, the cloud team needed to set up CI/CD that could be triggered from the API, so our team recommended the Client to utilize Jenkins for this purpose.
    • The Cloud & DevOps set up everything using Terraform and Ansible for the automation & Cloud service migration.
    • While creating the cluster, the team ensured that it is highly available and they also set up autoscaling.
    • The team created an Nginx ingress controller with Cert Manager for the ingresses.
    • In the process, every service used the Helm chart for deployment.
    • Before deploying the service, the team also synchronized the databases.

Our team of DevOps & Cloud experts also worked on the automation of the e-learning portal. The Learning portal automation encompasses the following things:

  • Created an installation portal pipeline for newly onboarded clients or learning portals, with the ability to pass parameters for deployment.
  • The client can now easily deploy every portal on their own by passing parameters to the pipeline from the Jenkins portal. In addition to it, the team automatically added this deployment configuration to the existing declarative pipeline, so that in future releases, new portals will be updated as well.
  • Achievement

    Our team successfully delivered solutions that enabled the client to achieve cost optimization objectives. By seamlessly migrating from Google Cloud Platform to OVH Cloud, the client experienced significant savings over a period of one year. The automation implemented by our Cloud team streamlined the process of building new learning platforms, reducing it from a day-long task to just 5 minutes through the pipeline. This resulted in enhanced accessibility, improved time efficiency, elimination of bottlenecks, scalability of services, and increased flexibility.


    Throughout the cloud migration process, our Cloud & DevOps engineers provided extensive support, handling data migration, security configurations, and testing to ensure a smooth transition to OVH Cloud and minimize disruptions. Our team also provided ongoing tech consultancy and recommendations, assisting the client in fine-tuning their cloud environment, optimizing performance, monitoring costs, and establishing robust cloud resilience. Together, these efforts maximized the value of the client’s successful cloud migration.

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