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Client Objectives

Our client’s objective is to create, build & bolster the best saving and investment solutions in the Sweden market. Another objective is to develop a common meeting place for all the intermediaries- Agents, Mutual Fund advisors and brokers and to create a tool for them so that they can augment the customers with a wide range of financial products which can maximize their customer’s wealth. Currently, the client has a large range of partners, including more than 100 fund companies with more than 10,000 funds, and agreements with more than 10 banks. The vision of our client is to change the conventional financial services Industries into a more robust and tech-oriented Fintech platform.

Key Solutions

Our dedicated team of Software developers (Frontend & Backend), QA engineers, DevOps engineers and Data Scientists (having 8, 10, 12 & 7 years of experience respectively) were deployed in the project and have taken a series of development actions to deliver the best solution for our Fintech client.

  • Our proficient force of tech resources went the extra mile to turn the client’s aspirations into a full-fledged MVP.
  • 4 applications were delivered to the client.
  • The mobile version of the application had been developed by our team by leveraging Flutter.
  • The technologies that were used to build the platform encompasses- React, Redux, PHP, MySQL, Python and Docker. The end-to-end testing has been done through Selenium.


Our resources fortified the client’s platform by integrating the “Sell” feature into the system so that customers can sell their financial assets like bonds, shares etc. Using the platform intelligent advice using AI can be given to retail investors taking into consideration current market trends and this will provide the best choices of financial products to invest in. Also, the feature of “Monthly SIP” had been incorporated along with different other investment options like ETFs, Sovereign bonds etc so that the customer has the choice to maximize his portfolio. The applications built are customized to the needs of the customers and the advisors to ensure a great financial planning experience which matches the goals. In this way, our resources helped our client to build a fully functional platform with smooth integration.

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