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Trickstar, an adrenaline-pumping mobile game powered by Unreal Engine, immerses players in a dystopian world where the pursuit of currencies, resources, and game-changing Blueprints defines the gameplay. Core mechanics include character control through swipes, stunts for points, a two-hit damage system, and strategic challenges, all while being pursued by a relentless drone.


High-speed racing, stunts, and resource collection drive the action, with players progressively upgrading their main vehicle, the hoverboard, and collecting coins, gems, blueprints, and tokens. The game’s distinctive features include relentless drone chase, strategic challenges in ambush zones, and the fusion of high-speed racing with tactical gameplay, offering an intense and resource-driven gaming experience.

Core Gameplay Mechanics

In this action-packed game, core gameplay mechanics offer players a thrilling and dynamic experience. Character control is at the heart of the adventure, with swipes enabling movement, jumping, rolling, and the exciting ability to summon vehicles via a double tap. Players can showcase their skills by performing aerial stunts, each vehicle boasting its own set of unique tricks. The damage system keeps players on their toes with a two-hit chance from obstacles and enemies. As they navigate the world, players earn points based on the distance covered, stunts executed, and enemy eliminations, with the option to boost scores through stunt combos.


A strategic element is introduced through diverse obstacles that require specific actions for success. Ground and flying enemies exhibit distinct behaviors, demanding players’ tactical choices. The relentless pursuit of a chasing drone adds urgency and danger, while ambush zones bring challenging enemy waves that test precision and resource management as players vie for rewards. Ramps and jump pads enable high-flying acrobatics crucial for success.


The main vehicle, a customizable hoverboard, and a backpack for storing consumable items add depth to the gameplay. Players also gather coins, gems, blueprints, and tokens to unlock new content and vehicles, making for an engaging and ever-evolving gaming experience.

Features of the Game

    • Resource-Centric Plot: The game’s narrative revolves around a dystopian world driven by the pursuit of currencies, resources, and powerful Blueprints, which adds a unique and resource-driven dimension to the gameplay.
    • Chasing Drone Mechanic: The inclusion of a relentless drone that chases the player adds an intense and urgent element to the game, creating a constant sense of danger.
    • Strategic Challenges: Ambush zones with waves of enemies test players’ timing and precision, offering strategic challenges within the game.
    • High-Speed Racing and Stunts: “Trickstar” combines high-speed racing with stunt elements, offering players an adrenaline-pumping experience.
    • Progressive Vehicle Upgrades: The progression system allows players to unlock and upgrade their main vehicle, the hoverboard, and choose from various vehicles with unique abilities.

Game Props

Game props include consumable items stored in the player’s backpack, such as vehicle tokens.

Technology Stack

    • Game Engine: “Trickstar” is powered by Unreal Engine, which is known for its high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay capabilities.
    • Version Control: Perforce is used for version control, helping manage and collaborate on the game’s development.
    • Backend Services: Firebase is likely used for backend services, which can include features like cloud storage, analytics, and user authentication.

The outcome

The game “Trickstar” offers an action-packed, high-speed gaming experience set in a dystopian world. Players engage in perilous stunts, navigate obstacles, and battle enemies, all while collecting essential resources and blueprints. The relentless drone chase and strategic challenges, like ambush zones, add intensity and urgency to the gameplay. Additionally, the game’s high-speed racing and stunts provide an electrifying experience. Players progress by upgrading their main vehicle and collecting valuable resources to shape their destiny in this resource-driven world.


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