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Battlefield Showdown is a pulse-pounding mobile game that immerses players in a world threatened by malevolent AI, where they take on cybernetic foes, gather resources, and aim to prevent an AI takeover. The game’s distinctive features include character progression through a talent wheel, the acquisition of gear tokens and bullet shells, and a narrative-driven gameplay experience.


Players use on-screen controls to move their character, automatically targeting and engaging enemies, while also strategically dodging enemy attacks. With six unique levels, diverse bosses and enemies, and the ability to upgrade weapons and gear, the game offers an action-packed adventure that challenges players’ skills. Developed using Unity and integrated with Firebase for backend services.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Battlefield Showdown, core gameplay mechanics revolve around intuitive character control through an on-screen joystick, where the character automatically targets and shoots at the nearest enemy when not in motion, while offering players the ability to strategically dodge attacks and seek refuge in bushes for cover. Progression in the game is driven by gaining experience points through enemy eliminations, leading to level-ups and the acquisition of new skills and power-ups. Rewards in the form of in-game currency and gear tokens are granted for defeating enemies and destroying bunkers, which can then be used to enhance attachment gears.


Players can unlock and upgrade an array of weapons and equipment using experience points and attachment tokens. Each level boasts a diverse set of bosses and enemies, with their defeat being crucial to advancing to the next level and reaping more rewards. The game offers a total of six distinct levels, each offering unique challenges and culminating in a boss battle, with victory granting access to the subsequent level in this thrilling battle for humanity’s survival.

Features of the Game

    • The game is set in a world threatened by a malevolent AI, adding a unique narrative element to the gameplay.
    • Players can acquire equipment to enhance their character’s abilities, and the game emphasizes the collection of tokens and bullet shells as key resources.
    • The talent wheel in the main menu allows for permanent character upgrades, providing a sense of character progression.
    • The game’s action-packed nature combines shooting, dodging, and strategic elements to test players’ skills.

Game Environments

The game takes place in a world threatened by a malevolent AI, with different levels featuring various environments and challenges.


Players can unlock and upgrade a range of weapons to aid them in battling the cybernetic enemies. Specific weapon names and details are not provided in the case study.

Game Props

Game props could include in-game coins, gear tokens, and other items that players collect or use to enhance their character and equipment.

Technology Stack

    • The game is developed using the Unity game engine, which is known for its versatility and compatibility across multiple platforms.
    • Firebase is utilized, likely for backend services such as player authentication, data storage, and potentially real-time multiplayer features.


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