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Client Objectives

Main objective is to make a 3D open world PC high definition environment and optimize it to run on an Android device. We considered a lot of things while implementing 3D assets in an android device.

Key Solutions

  • Tools that are used: Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4.27, SpeedTree, Maya, Blender. Substance Painter , Android Studio, ZBrush, Simplygon
  • Implemented optimization techniques in Unreal Engine 4.27 :
  • Worked on world partitioning for breaking the whole world in chunks to render only the required part in real-time.
  • Worked on Level Of Details (LODs), it is a technique used to reduce details of an asset when the player is far away from it.
  • Optimized Landscape Material used different than traditional material nodes and features to achieve similar results giving appealing landscape visuals.
  • Performed Landscape Generation using Height Map saves a lot of time to generate vast landscapes within some clicks.
  • Worked on Billboard card for trees using simplygon to create fake yet optimized trees for further renders.
  • Worked on Mips maps, Baked Textures, Optimized Lit and Unlit materials are some of the techniques used for optimized
  • Worked on Single plane water material for water bodies to give realistic yet optimized solutions for the water simulation.


We were able to get around 30 FPS constant in Android Device (Tested on One Plus, POCO, Motorola). Players can move around in the 3D world with basic movement with terrains, trees, cliffs, mountains and water bodies as their main environment experience.

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