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The potency of cloud-driven innovation, through the user-centric web application, integration of advanced technologies, and adoption of AWS’s resilient infrastructure.

The story

The client is a leading name in paperless accounting solutions, aimed to redefine accounting practices by offering a platform for managing accounting documents. The platform not only streamlines document health and compliance but also integrates with popular third-party accounting software. With over 60 customers across India, the client was on a mission to become the ultimate destination for smart accounting.


They utilize document scanning, perform OCR data extraction, and subsequently integrate the extracted data into various accounting tools such as Tally and Zoho. Additionally, they possess their proprietary accounting software.

The challenge

The challenge faced was in addressing the difficulties accountants encountered while operating remotely. The need for smooth access to accounting documents and the requirement for robust cloud-based solutions prompted them to embark on a transformation journey.

The solution

The solution encompassed a multi-faceted approach, beginning with migration of their entire system to the AWS cloud, transforming it into a versatile Multi-SaaS model. Leveraging a suite of AWS services, including EC2, CloudWatch, Certificate Manager, and S3 they bolstered the platform’s robustness and scalability. Additionally, a cutting-edge web application was crafted from the ground up, harnessing modern technologies like React and TypeScript for the frontend, Spring Boot for the backend, and Postgresql for the database. We introduced an intuitive admin portal, tailored for efficient document management, featuring real-time insights through dashboard and reporting functionalities, allowing users to monitor voucher updates within specified timeframes. Moreover, we streamlined user management, facilitating the addition, invitation, and effective administration of users, ensuring collaborative and organized accounting operations. Furthermore, the innovation automated document and bill storage, simplifying the accounting process, and smoothly integrated with third-party accounting software such as Tally ERP and Quickbooks.

The outcome

The client’s transformation was led by a dedicated team of three professionals, each contributing their expertise to reshape the accounting landscape. The success of this endeavor was marked by a seamless and paperless platform that elevated accounting practices to new heights. By embracing cloud innovation, they not only enhanced efficiency and accessibility but also strengthened compliance and security measures.


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