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Migrated a legacy .NET platform to a modern Vue 3 framework successfully, paving the way for future UI enhancements.

The story

The client wished to migrate its legacy platform, originally built on the .NET framework, to a modern framework. They opted for Vue.js, a choice influenced by the fact that Vue was already utilized in the .NET framework for displaying application views. Initially, the client had a rudimentary Vue.js application built in Vue 2, but this became outdated with the release of Vue 3. The migration process posed a substantial challenge due to numerous breaking changes when transitioning from Vue 2 to Vue 3.

The challenge

The primary challenge in this case was the migration of the entire project, encompassing more than 20 screens and hundreds of components, from Vue 2 to Vue 3. The process required addressing compatibility issues, adapting code, and ensuring the new Vue 3 application remained fully functional. This task was complicated and time-sensitive, demanding a high level of expertise in both Vue.js versions.

The solution

To address this challenge, the development team embarked on a migration process from Vue 2 to Vue 3. They carefully reviewed and updated the codebase to align with Vue 3’s syntax and features, tackling breaking changes head-on. The migration process involved rigorous testing to ensure that the application maintained its functionality throughout the transition.


The challenge of migrating a legacy .NET platform to a modern Vue 3 framework was successfully overcome using Vue3, Vuex, Storybook, and Jest for frontend development, while Java, SpringBoot, OPA/OPAL, KeyCloak, and Postgres were employed for backend development, resulting in the completion of the migration within a month, paving the way for future UI enhancements.


The outcome

Within just one month, the development team successfully completed the migration of the entire project. This included over 20 screens and hundreds of components, which were now fully compatible with Vue 3. With this crucial migration behind them, the team could shift their focus to enhancing the user interface (UI) to a more modern layout. This achievement not only ensured the longevity and compatibility of the client’s platform but also allowed them to leverage the benefits of Vue 3 for future development. The client, henceforth was able to provide a unified view of the entire technology stack, helping reduce downtime and preventing revenue loss, ultimately contributing to improved operational efficiency for the client.


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