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Developed a responsive web application using React Native Web, Golang, Python, Redis, PostgreSQL, AWS Textract, Redis PUB SUB, NATS, and Selenium for web automation to automate and simplify the immigration process, including visa status monitoring and alert generation.

The story

The client, based in the USA, operates as a LegalTech company with a mission to streamline and automate the immigration process for individuals, attorneys, and employers. The challenge they faced was the manual and time-consuming process of checking visa status on the government website, which took over 30 days and lacked an alert system for missed deadlines. To tackle this issue, they enlisted the help of software developers to revolutionize the immigration process.

The challenge

The primary challenge was to eliminate manual processes, reduce the time required to check visa status, and implement an alert system for deadlines. The client needed a robust, automated solution that could accommodate millions of users and ensure stability while integrating seamlessly with government systems.

The solution

Over the course of the project, we implemented a comprehensive array of solutions to address the client’s needs. Our technology stack encompassed a wide range of tools, including React Native Web for the frontend, Golang and Python for backend development, Redis and PostgreSQL for data management, AWS Textract for document text extraction, Redis PUB SUB and NATS for event handling, and Selenium  for web automation. We crafted a responsive web application using React Native Web and designed a custom backend system architecture tailored to the client’s specific requirements. To handle large user volumes, we adopted an event-driven microservices approach, while Agile Scrum practices guided our project management, including task tracking on Asana, daily scrum calls, and weekly client demos.


We seamlessly integrated REST APIs and established a REST architecture in Golang, and employed Python fast APIs for image pre-processing and web scraping techniques to extract data from government websites. Our ETL process utilized AWS Textract to extract text data from images or PDFs, which was then transformed using Golang and loaded into PostgreSQL. We also introduced a subscription-based module for monitoring visa statuses and sending timely alerts, an auto-scan feature for automatic document scanning and data extraction, and a robust notification system to detect visa status changes and deliver notifications via email. Additionally, we developed an organization module, empowering lawyers to efficiently manage client data and track their clients’ progress.

The outcome

The team successfully delivered the web application within the deadline. The subscription-based status checker module empowered individuals and organizations to monitor visa status and receive timely email notifications. Lawyers could track crucial deadlines, allowing them to make informed decisions about their clients’ immigration status. This automation system saved time and eliminated the need for manual data entry and spreadsheet management. Overall, the project automated and simplified the immigration process, achieving the client’s objectives.


In summary, the client’s challenge of simplifying the immigration process resulted in a comprehensive solution that streamlined visa status checks, improved alerting, and provided lawyers with efficient tools to manage clients’ immigration matters, all within a seven-month timeframe.


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