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The challenge was to address gynecological issues during menstruation, and their solution involved developing a personalized app to track symptoms and provide holistic recommendations, with the MVP still in development.

The story

The client has the first physician-led media and research company revolutionizing the way women access and understand their health. Their Medical Advisory Board includes over 30 highly qualified, board-certified medical professionals from diverse specialties including obstetrics, gynecology, endocrinology, pediatrics, urology, and more. Together, they are on a mission to simplify and demystify women’s health, by providing evidence-based, comprehensive content and research for brands and industry. They believe that health education should be approachable and accessible for all.

The challenge

They aimed to address the health problems and discomfort that women often experience during their menstrual cycles. Despite the absence of a cure for many gynecological conditions, the team wanted to offer a holistic approach to these issues. Their vision was to create a personalized solution that could significantly improve women’s health during menstruation.


The primary challenge was the absence of effective cures for various gynecological conditions related to menstruation. Many drug trials in this field had been discontinued prematurely. We were determined to focus on women’s health during their menstrual cycles and provide a tailored solution to alleviate these issues. The overarching goal was to enhance the overall well-being of women experiencing discomfort during their periods.

The solution

We devised a comprehensive solution to tackle the challenge. We developed a mobile application designed to empower women in managing their menstrual health. The app allowed users to record their menstrual cycles, track associated symptoms, and explore holistic remedies for gynecological problems related to menstruation. Users could easily log their daily symptoms and select two specific symptoms they wanted to address.


To generate personalized recommendations, we integrated Open AI technology. These suggestions were tailored to each user’s unique health status and the symptoms they chose to focus on. The app also facilitated tracking of users’ adherence to the provided advice and allowed them to record the severity of their conditions. Importantly, the system stored information on what remedies worked best for individual users.


We utilized Flutter to create the mobile applications, ensuring compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. They managed app state using Flutter Riverpod, implemented screen navigation with Go Router, determined the user’s location through Geolocator, prevented fraud with Local_Captcha, handled database communication through Firestore and Cloud Functions, and used generative AI to provide health tips. Our version control system of choice was Gitlab, and the backend was implemented in Node.js.

The outcome

The client has not yet released their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The app is still in development, but it aims to revolutionize how women manage their menstrual health, providing personalized solutions for a range of gynecological issues associated with menstruation. The outcome is still pending, but the potential impact on women’s health is significant.


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