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Client Objectives

The Client delivers its scalable monitoring and detailed insights across any location, device, app, or authentication. Enterprise features for synthetic monitoring generate the time taken by the API and how your site would perform in multiple geo-locations. The Client wants to replicate the current cloud infrastructure which is on AWS & Azure and wanted to move to the Google Cloud Platform. The Client also wants to migrate the on-premise infrastructure to AWS. Other specifications include- all infrastructure to be provisioned using Terraform (IaC) & all configuration management should be done using Puppet, without manual intervention.

Key Solutions

Our experienced team of Cloud & DevOps engineers joined the client’s project and delivered the following solutions-

  • The Team size included 3 DevOps engineers deployed on the project
  • Tech stacks include- Terraform, HA Proxy, Nomad Agents, Docker & Docker Compose, GCP, AWS
  • Designed the infrastructure Architecture on GCP Cloud from scratch
  • Worked on the set-up of HAProxy
  • Worked on the management of nodes & configuration through Puppet & Foreman
  • Worked on the Nomad agents’ set-up
  • Worked on Docker and Docker-compose
  • Worked on the Configuration of AWS and GCP servers using Puppet roles to automate tasks
  • Migrated the On-premise infrastructure to AWS Cloud
  • Provisioned and secured infrastructure on AWS and GCP following the best practices using Terraform


Our proficient team of DevOps & Cloud engineers provisioned infrastructure with Terraform to maintain consistency, reusability and version history. Configuration of the servers was automated with no manual work through Puppet roles which saved plenty of time and effort. The On-premises infrastructure was migrated to AWS, improving efficiency, flexibility, agility and reduced costs.

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