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    Pritunl VPN for MySQL in EC2 Instances

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The team addressed security and efficiency challenges in a restaurant company’s inventory management system by implementing a comprehensive solution, including Pritunl VPN for Jenkins, Jenkins Master-Slave architecture, Declarative YAML for pipelines, EC2 instances with Nginx, and MySQL with a Pritunl VPN connection.

The story

A Sweden-based restaurant company faced challenges with its existing inventory management system deployed on AWS. The system required enhancements in security, scalability, and automation to meet the growing demands of the business.

The challenge

The existing infrastructure lacked sufficient security measures, and the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) process needed optimization. The company needed a robust solution to streamline their development and deployment workflows while ensuring the security of sensitive data.

The solution

The team addressed the challenges faced by the restaurant company’s inventory management system through a multifaceted solution. They implemented a Pritunl VPN setup to fortify Jenkins server security, creating a protected environment for efficient CI/CD processes. Additionally, the adoption of Jenkins Master-Slave architecture enhanced scalability and task execution efficiency through parallel processing.


The use of Declarative YAML files for Jenkins Pipelines streamlined the automation of builds, tests, and deployments, introducing clarity and simplicity to the CI/CD process. EC2 instances were configured with Nginx, ensuring a reliable and high-performance web server for seamless communication between the application and users. The setup of a MySQL database on the EC2 instance, coupled with a Pritunl VPN connection, further bolstered security by establishing a secure link between the application and the database. The technology stack, including AWS, Docker, Pritunl, Jenkins, and MySQL, collectively contributed to a comprehensive and effective solution for the restaurant company’s infrastructure and CI/CD needs.

The outcome

The implemented solution significantly improved the restaurant company’s infrastructure and CI/CD capabilities. The enhanced security measures, streamlined Jenkins pipelines, and optimized infrastructure contributed to a more robust and scalable system. The MySQL database setup with a secure VPN connection ensured the protection of sensitive data. Overall, the outcome was a more efficient, secure, and agile inventory management system, aligning with the company’s growth and operational needs.


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