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Implemented key features including a comprehensive database of Padel venues with real-time availability, a user-friendly booking interface, and the flexibility for users to reschedule or cancel bookings within defined guidelines.

The story

The case study revolves around the development and implementation of a Padel court booking application. Padel is a popular racquet sport, and the objective was to create a platform that would make it convenient for users to find, book, and manage their court reservations. This application aimed to streamline the process of reserving Padel courts, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

The challenge

The primary challenge in developing this platform was to design a user-friendly system that effectively tackled three key issues. Firstly, users required an efficient means to discover and select Padel venues based on their location and chosen date, necessitating a comprehensive database of venues with real-time availability information. Secondly, the system needed to provide booking functionality, enabling users to reserve specific Padel courts for their desired dates and time slots, ensuring their preferred playing times. Lastly, to cater to the unpredictability of users’ schedules and unforeseen events, the platform had to offer flexibility, allowing users to reschedule or cancel their bookings with ease, eliminating unnecessary complications.

The solution

To tackle these challenges, the development team implemented a set of pivotal features in the Padel court booking application. For addressing the venue selection issue, the application seamlessly integrated an extensive database of Padel venues, enriched with geographical location details and real-time availability updates. Users could effortlessly browse and locate venues in their preferred area while instantly checking court availability on their chosen dates.


In terms of booking functionality, the application provided an intuitively designed interface, enabling users to effortlessly select their desired dates and time slots, securing court reservations with just a few clicks. Users were promptly provided with booking confirmations, assuring them that their chosen courts were reserved for their use. Furthermore, to address the need for flexibility, the application allowed users the convenience of rescheduling or canceling their bookings within defined, user-friendly guidelines and timeframes. This thoughtful feature ensured adaptability for users dealing with unpredictable schedules.


The application was built using React Native and TypeScript, enabling cross-platform compatibility and efficient code management. To manage state and user data, Redux was employed, while Mixpanel and Sentry were integrated for advanced analytics and error tracking, respectively. Storybook facilitated UI component development, and React Navigation contributed to smooth navigation within the app. The application also included a Stripe payment integration for secure financial transactions and leveraged geolocation services to provide real-time data on venue locations and availability.

The outcome

The Padel court booking application effectively met these challenges, yielding a range of positive outcomes. It notably enriched the user experience by offering a seamless interface for discovering, booking, and managing Padel court reservations. Moreover, it improved venue visibility, empowering users to explore and select venues aligned with their preferences. This, in turn, boosted court utilization rates for venues, resulting in increased revenue. The application’s flexibility in allowing users to easily reschedule or cancel bookings as needed further elevated customer satisfaction and fostered customer loyalty, underscoring its overall success.


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