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An easy-to-use presentation tool that uses smart technology to help people quickly create attractive slides with minimal effort, making it popular among students, professionals, and business owners.

The story

The client is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for streamlining the presentation creation process. They didn’t like how making important slides took so much time and was really complicated. They envisioned a solution that could make presentation creation quick and effortless. This vision led to the birth of a new and advanced tool to change how people make presentations.

The challenge

We’ve all come across situations where the need for a compelling and engaging presentation arises suddenly. This is precisely where our tool steps in to address a common problem. It effectively tackles the hurdle of swiftly creating a presentation that not only captures attention but also demands minimal time and effort from the user. The tool not only automates presentation creation but also offers extensive customization options to meet individual requirements.

The solution

Our solution for the project was a carefully built platform that aimed to solve common presentation creation problems. We used various technologies to make it user-friendly. In the backend, we used FastAPI to create a strong foundation and OpenAI’s language model with Langchain to make it work well. This allowed users to make presentations using their documents or content from websites. We also used the python-pptx library to make the slides look good.


For storing data, we chose MongoDB, and presentation files were kept in GCP Cloud Storage for easy access and growth. To make sure it could handle a lot of users, we deployed it on GCP Cloud Run, which is cost-effective and can grow as needed. The frontend, made with React, made it easy for users to sign up, log in, and create presentations. There’s also an Admin dashboard for managing presentations and tracking user activity. This solution didn’t just solve the problem; it set new standards for making presentations simple, customizable, and scalable.


The outcome

The tool delivered several key outcomes: it enabled effortless and quick presentation generation with a user-friendly interface where users could input details and receive tailored drafts in minutes; it offered extensive customization options, allowing users to fine-tune their presentations to perfection; the integration of OpenAI’s language model made content creation a breeze, whether from scratch, existing documents, or external websites; the user-centric frontend built with React provided a smooth journey from signup to presentation creation, complemented by an admin dashboard for administrators.


Moreover, the tool’s success translated into substantial growth, attracting a vast user base and receiving positive reviews, contributing significantly to the client’s entrepreneurial journey, and setting new standards in presentation creation platforms.


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