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    Heroku deployment with ChatGPT API Integration

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Build an AI Assistant, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 and supported by a robust backend, delivering unparalleled usability, client satisfaction, and industry recognition.

The story

The client specializes in providing Intelligent Finance solutions tailored for consumer brands, particularly those operating on platforms like Shopify and Amazon. Their services include access to vital financial metrics such as Connected P&L, balance sheets, cash flow analysis, and monthly projections. A unique feature of their offering is an AI Assistant that facilitates users in engaging with their financial databases using natural language, transforming database queries and interactions into smooth conversations.

The challenge

The client’s AI Assistant development was marked by a dual challenge. We initially focused on establishing an adaptable database schema to manage diverse data sources, followed by careful data cleaning and transformation for optimal AI interactions. Integrating the ChatGPT API was pivotal, facilitating interactions ranging from database queries to access control. Crafting the AI Assistant’s multifaceted capabilities, including generating emails and reports, was essential.


In parallel, we worked closely with the frontend team to blend our backend expertise with a user-friendly UI. Our solutions directly confronted challenges, resulting in an exceptional AI Assistant. This ensured uninterrupted interactions despite potential API errors, establishing smooth connections with databases, addressing varied user input, enhancing response quality through GPT model optimization, implementing dynamic question suggestions, optimizing performance, and ensuring robust data security measures.

The solution

Our innovative solutions spanned various domains, culminating in a transformative AI Assistant development process. In the realm of AI, we crafted an AI API endpoint as the nucleus of AI-related tasks, holding on formatting guidelines for structured output and adeptly managing multi-user and concurrent requests. The integration of OpenAI’s GPT-3 endowed the AI Assistant with natural language interaction capabilities, fostering meaningful exchanges with users.


The project’s computer backend was built using Python. To make the program smart and able to chat with users, we used the OpenAI API and GPT-3, which are like the brains behind the scenes. We created a special way for the program to talk to users through a system called FastAPI, which helps everything run smoothly. When it came to putting the program online for people to use, we used Heroku, a platform that ensures it stays available and works well. This combination of tools allowed us to create a helpful and easy-to-use finance assistant for the project, making it popular in the finance and online shopping world.


The outcome

The collaborative efforts achieved remarkable outcomes. The client’s expression of satisfaction resonated through multiple emails, attesting to the project’s efficacy and user-friendly nature. Notably, the AI Assistant played a pivotal role in augmenting the client’s investor meetings and funding endeavors, elevating the quality of their financial presentations and insights. This success reverberated through the industry, with our project garnering recognition for its innovative approach and impressive usability, leading to influencer attention and commendation on LinkedIn.


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