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The Witching Hours is a distinctive multiplayer survival horror game that combines cooperative gameplay, progressive horror elements, and time-limited challenges. Players, a group of friends, embark on a chilling adventure within an abandoned mansion filled with secrets and malevolent spirits. The core game mechanics revolve around discovery, collection, the intense witching hour, and a thrilling escape, all of which create a pulse-pounding atmosphere.


As players work together to uncover the lore behind the haunting enemies and perform rituals to defeat the main boss, the game keeps them on edge, gradually increasing the intensity as the witching hour draws near. With a focus on puzzle-solving and cooperation, THR3E immerses players in a suspenseful journey through a dark and haunted mansion, providing an unforgettable multiplayer horror experience.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Witching Hours, the core game mechanics are intricately designed to immerse players in a thrilling and suspenseful experience. The game unfolds in four key phases. Firstly, the Discovery phase prompts players to meticulously explore the mansion, uncovering clues, gadgets, and the sinister environment, while gradually deciphering the lore and behaviors of the malevolent entities lurking within. The subsequent Collection phase requires players to gather essential resources, including crucial clues, before the impending witching hour.


As the clock strikes, the Witching Hour phase intensifies the horror, as ghosts become active, and players must urgently locate the Book of Blood and execute rituals to vanquish the primary adversary, navigating the mansion with extreme caution. Lastly, in the Escape phase, surviving players must skillfully evade enemies and find their way out of the mansion after defeating the boss to successfully complete the game session, adding an element of time-bound tension to the gameplay.

Features of the Game

    • Multiplayer Survival Horror: THR3E is a multiplayer game that combines elements of survival and horror, providing an immersive and thrilling experience for players.
    • Cooperative Gameplay: Players can team up with friends to uncover the secrets of the mansion and survive the witching hour. Cooperation and communication are essential to success.
    • Progressive Horror: The game gradually intensifies as the witching hour approaches. The enemy becomes more aggressive, and the mansion becomes increasingly haunted, creating a sense of fear and tension.
    • Puzzle Solving: Players need to solve puzzles, collect and share resources, and uncover the lore of the enemies to find the rituals that will allow them to survive.
    • Time-Limited Challenge: The game’s climax occurs during the witching hour, and players must complete rituals before time runs out. This time pressure adds to the game’s suspense.

Game Characters

The game primarily features a group of friends who enter the mansion. There are also ghostly creatures and a main enemy boss that the players must defeat.

Game Environments

The main environment is an abandoned mansion filled with dark, eerie, and haunted areas. The environment becomes more sinister and haunted as the witching hour approaches.

Game Props

    • Book of the Dead: Used for sorting clues and understanding the enemy’s behavior.
    • Book of Blood: Contains rituals that players must uncover during the witching hour.
    • Relics and Enchanted Items: These are used to perform rituals and eliminate the main enemy.
    • Voodoo Dolls: Likely used as part of the game’s mechanics to interact with the enemies or perform rituals.
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