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Developed web applications for management of HVAC IoT devices for customers, leveraging Microsoft Azure technologies such as IoT Hub, Service Bus Queues, Cosmos Database, Redis Cache, and a resilient microservices architecture, resulting in an enhanced user experience and minimized application failures.

The story

The client is a large-scale manufacturer of HVAC IoT devices, bringing other similar companies under an umbrella. For the same purpose, a single platform was proposed in order for the users to manage their devices remotely. The second platform is for the service partners and technicians who can assist those customers and manage/ troubleshoot their devices without even being present there. Thirdly, an administration portal was brought together which allows the authorized persons to view statistics and for customer support executives to provide support and resolve customer issues.

The challenge

With the ever increasing use of IoT devices, we were to develop a solution scalable enough to handle more than 100,000 devices and their users. In addition to that, the latency of the platform has to be as least as possible, ensuring that the users stay updated and devices’ data is handled in a swift manner. Furthermore, tech stack is a combination of NET core APIs, Node.js, and Microsoft Azure on the backend, along with JavaScript, React, and Redux on the frontend. The application required refactoring in multiple areas in order to handle the large amounts of traffic. Lastly, the team worked on ensuring a seamless integration towards third parties like Weather APIs, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

The solution

To solve these challenges, the team moved on with a mixed approach. They divided their ways into the business domain and one part of the team focused on handling new features, while some researched how we can best handle the ever growing size of the application without compromising on the quality of the platform. Some people were involved in handling real time customer issues and providing quick solutions to it.


The outcome

Our innovative approaches made managing the IoT devices easier and friendly for the customers. This led to significant outcomes: We used cutting edge technologies from Microsoft Azure, like IoT hub, Service Bus Queues, Cosmos Database, Redis Cache,etc. to ensure best and fast experience for the users. Additionally, we worked with a robust microservices architecture which decreases the chances of application failures.


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