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Implementation of agile practices, process improvements, and efficient project management, resulting in enhanced product excellence, efficient change management, and improved business predictability.

The story

Our client, a unicorn software company in Sweden, operates the world’s largest network of printers, offering customized print products in 33 countries with over 5 billion customers. Their product offerings include On Demand Print and Optimal Print, with a commitment to delivering orders within 72 hours.They sought to enhance their timeliness, product excellence, and overall business resilience. The client faced the challenge of optimizing its operations and product development to maintain its position in the global market. They required a partner to help them incorporate agile methodologies and practices into their business.

The challenge

The client needed to improve documentation, streamline processes, enhance sprint planning, grooming, and embrace agile story pointing to drive continuous improvement in their product development cycle. They were looking for a cost-effective solution that would enable them to achieve these objectives.

The solution

FiftyFive Tech played a pivotal role in transforming the client’s operations and achieving remarkable results. We provided a comprehensive solution that encompassed skilled Business Analysts with an agile mindset. These experts significantly improved client’s documentation processes, ensuring a clearer understanding of project requirements. Additionally, the introduction of agile methodologies, including efficient sprint planning and grooming frameworks, enabled client’s to swiftly adapt to changing demands and prioritize tasks effectively. Moreover, the incorporation of agile story pointing practices facilitated continuous improvement. Furthermore, we spearheaded process improvement initiatives, resulting in streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency. Lastly, they assisted the client in developing their core product to meet market demands. This holistic approach led to increased product excellence, more efficient change management, and a substantial improvement of around 50-60% in business predictability.

The outcome

The implementation of these solutions by FiftyFive Techn yielded remarkable outcomes for the client. Firstly, they achieved a commendable level of product excellence, thanks to the improved documentation processes and the smooth integration of agile methodologies. Secondly, the process improvement initiatives spearheaded by FiftyFive Tech led to efficient change management, significantly enhancing the company’s adaptability and responsiveness to evolving market dynamics. Most notably, the client experienced a substantial 50-60% improvement in business predictability, a transformation that not only ensured smoother day-to-day operations but also empowered the company with enhanced planning capabilities, ultimately contributing to their sustained success in a competitive landscape.


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