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Client Objectives

The Client is the leader in developing transportation & logistics solutions for the Transportation & service Industry. The client is looking for a reliable partner who will help them in relinquishing the logistics automation battle with AI & ML-based solutions. the objective is to develop a defects tracking system to identify the type of defects present in the container with its location within the container to share its corresponding ISO with the client.

Key Solutions

Our AI/ML squad at FiftyFive Technologies joined the client’s shared tech force to perform the development. Here is the solution delivered by our diligent AI/ML engineers-

  • A cutting-edge defect detection system: Our tech team incorporated Object detection to solve the problem to track defects in the containers.
  • Tech Stacks used: The team used Yolo v8 for the purpose of image segmentation to boost the accuracy in detecting the objects. For the purpose of data modelling & annotating the image, CVAT has been used to spot the defect. The entire model has been trained using GPU servers. For a perfect solution, the following tech stacks were utilized- Python, Matplotlib, OpenCV, redis, docker, tensorflow-js, Scikit-learn, Numpy, Matplotlib, JSON, git, MongoDB, Flask, and Apache, . CUDA Toolkit, cudnn.


Automation is critical for the logistics Industry to ride the waves of uncertainty. With this partnership, our client successfully delivered transparent solutions to the logistics & transportation industry. Following are the outcomes derived-

  • Standardization: Our team made the system more efficient & standardized
  • Infused Automation: Our problem-solving approach helped the clients to attain a high degree of automation
  • High Accuracy scores: The model’s accuracy to detect defects in the container increased by more than 90% and it led to tremendous quality improvement
  • Rigorous Tech Consultancy: Our team extended continuous tech consultancy & support to advise the client about the profitable technologies which will triumph and help them to stay ahead of the competitors.
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