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Employed HPCC systems and the adaptable ECL language to revamp job search and hiring, featuring real-time quality of life updates, comprehensive profile insights, customized job rankings, and enhanced efficiency for both job seekers and hiring managers.

The story

The client has an online hiring platform, It helps you find email addresses in seconds and connect with hiring managers that matter for your job search. A platform that addresses the challenges faced by job seekers and hiring managers in the job search and hiring process. It aims to make the process more efficient and personalized through the power of data and technology.

The challenge

The mission was to tackle a series of formidable challenges. These challenges included the need to efficiently extract data from API websites and automate this crucial process, ensuring the swift delivery of their services. They aimed to revolutionize job seekers’ experiences by matching them with roles tailored to their unique preferences, and to ease the burden on hiring managers by providing them with effective tools to pinpoint the ideal candidates for their organizations.

The solution

We harnessed the power of HPCC systems and the versatile ECL language to revolutionize the job search and hiring landscape. This innovative solution comprised several key elements, including timely Quality of Life Updates, providing job seekers with real-time information to make informed decisions; Profile Insights, which offered comprehensive candidate profiles for hiring managers; Customized Job Rankings, enabling job seekers to tailor their search based on quality of life parameters; and a commitment to Efficiency and Speed, achieved through streamlined job matching processes that benefited both job seekers and hiring managers.

The outcome

An innovative approach to job search and hiring has yielded several notable outcomes. Firstly, it has significantly enhanced job matching, providing job seekers with a more efficient and personalized search experience that aligns with their unique preferences. Secondly, it has streamlined the hiring process, enabling hiring managers to swiftly and effectively identify suitable candidates, resulting in a smoother recruitment journey. Moreover, the platform has achieved data extraction efficiency through automation, ensuring timely and accurate data retrieval from API websites, thus reducing manual effort and errors.


Lastly, the integration of the HPCC system and ECL language has facilitated faster service delivery, meeting the demands of both job seekers and hiring managers. In summary, the client’s transformational impact on the job market revolves around prioritizing quality of life parameters, making job searches more meaningful and efficient for job seekers, while simultaneously simplifying the hiring process for employers, ultimately redefining how individuals find their dream jobs and organizations discover their dream candidates.


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