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Client Objectives

Our Client is a Swedish start-up founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing grid-edge data intelligence to the energy supply market through the introduction of digital circuit breaker technology. Mechanical circuit breakers have been the gatekeepers of household electricity supply for around 150 years, but customer’s digital alternative will be a game-changer for the future of electricity management. Customer’s solid-state circuit breaker is a response to emerging trends in global energy markets and aims to satisfy the growing demand for “grid-edge intelligence” from both consumers and power network infrastructure. They want to build a Home Energy Management (HEM) system that provides real-time insights, and real-time control of the Energy flow in a home.

Key Solutions

Our team has been formed (System architects, QA engineers, Fullstack developers & Data scientists having experience of 16, 8, 10 & 11 years respectively) to build this platform. Our team delivered the following solutions:

  • The HEM system is based on the home-assistant open source project ( ).
  • We developed an engine, mobile apps for remote access & a browser interface for local access.
  • Our team of experts built the next-generation IoT platform using AI as our core.
  • We built a highly automated platform with real-time data analytics & insights.


The Home energy management system developed by our proficient team of tech experts proved advantageous for the client as they were provided with real-time insights like control of energy flow at home, consumption, production measurement up to full-fledged energy disaggregation and predictive maintenance solutions. It is a non-proprietary solution offering easy integration with existing smart home appliances and others for example PV systems, smart home devices, energy meters etc. It also garnered benefits like Automation, User security, User-friendliness & Accessibility to technical untrained users and require only a minimum amount of resources to run.

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