Samurai Snake Game

The solution encompasses utilizing Docker and Docker Compose for environment management, establishing an Azure DevOps Multi-stage build pipeline with Unity images setup, implementing licensing of Unity Docker images, and utilizing these images to build the APK, all while employing a Fastlane

Playground Booking System

The solution incorporates Terraform for IaC, Nginx for web serving, AWS Code Deploy for infrastructure management, Serverless with YAML for scalable deployment, and Docker & Docker-Compose for efficient containerization, forming a comprehensive approach to create an online playground booking system. The

AI-based Coaching App

The solution involves deploying Terraform for efficient GKE infrastructure, implementing standalone Kubeflow on Kubernetes for machine learning workflows, and creating Google Cloud Build pipelines to automate processes, collectively forming a robust foundation for the AI-based coaching platform in sports. The story

Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring

The solution involves leveraging Terraform for IaC, implementing HAProxy for enhanced reliability, utilizing Puppet and Foreman for streamlined node and config management, deploying Nomad agents for optimized job scheduling, and employing Docker & Docker-Compose for consistent application containerization, collectively forming a

DevOps as a solution

We addressed the challenge by creating Dockerfiles, implementing multi-stage pipelines in Azure DevOps, setting up Kubernetes deployment with manifests, configuring infrastructure using Helm, establishing path-based routing in Ingress, scheduling daily jobs, and enabling traffic monitoring on the application gateway. The story

Paperless Accounting

The potency of cloud-driven innovation, through the user-centric web application, integration of advanced technologies, and adoption of AWS's resilient infrastructure. The story The client is a leading name in paperless accounting solutions, aimed to redefine accounting practices by offering a platform

Infrastructure Migration

Client Objectives The Client delivers its scalable monitoring and detailed insights across any location, device, app, or authentication. Enterprise features for synthetic monitoring generate the time taken by the API and how your site would perform in multiple geo-locations. The Client

E-Learning Platform

Client Objectives The client has two main objectives for their service migration and learning portal automation journey. Firstly, they aim to achieve cost optimization during the cloud migration process, specifically migrating from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to OVH cloud. This entails